It's time for Waylon to do some whalin'!
~ Waylon going into battle.

Waylon is a New Rubinelle Army CO who acts as an enforcer for Admiral Greyfield and a major antagonist of Advance Wars: Days of Ruin.


Waylon initially appears an ally to the 12th Battalion, assisting them in fighting against the Lazurian Army. However, after Captain Brenner witnessed him executing Lazurian General Forsythe, after he surrendered, Brenner and the 12th Battalion turned against the New Rubinelle army and freed the Lazurian prisoners.

Waylon and the Rubinelle forces under his command are fought by Brenner's Wolves in Chapter 20. At the start of the battle, Waylon attempts to convince Will to turn over the Lazurians but Will refuses. Waylon then retorts by saying that Will makes him sick and accuses of only saving people to feel important. In response, Will tells Waylon they may both be the same because they both only do things because they want to, that Waylon acts for only himself because he wants to and that Will saves people's lives because he wants to, but that saving people is more important.

After him and his forces are defeated by Will and Tasha, Waylon is not seen for the rest of the game, presumably dying at some point around the fall of the NRA (though the final mission he's battled in reveals that he retired).


Waylon is incredibly cowardly and selfish, not caring for the lives of his men. He leaves his injured troops behind rather than give them medical treatment.


  • Waylon had his name changed to "Finn" in the European release of the game.


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