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So tell me Mickey? Any regrets? I mean, three weeks, fifty people killed... not too cool Mickey.
~ Wayne To Mickey

Wayne Gale is an antagonist from the 1994 crime film Natural Born Killers.

He was portrayed by Robert Downey, Jr.


Gale is a Golden Globe Award-winning Australian journalist who claims to be a personal friend of Bill Clinton. Early in his career, Gale was a more respected and moral journalist who covered international stories such as the Invasion of Grenada. Eventually, he settled for hosting American Maniacs, a sensationalistic tabloid news show focusing on mass murderers. A vain, obnoxious, opportunistic narcissist, Gale has nothing but contempt for his audience ("Repetition works; Do you think the morons out there in zombie land actually remember anything?") and does his job only for perks such as fame and money.

Ratings for American Maniacs go through the roof when Gale focuses the show on Mickey and Mallory Knox. He turns the two killers into international celebrities, all the while becoming incredibly wealthy and raising his own celebrity profile. When they are caught by Jack Scagnetti, he helps turn the detective into a star, conveniently ignoring the fact that Scagnetti is completely corrupt and just as violent as the Knoxes for his own gain.

One year later, on Super Bowl Sunday, Gale interviews Mickey Knox on live television. During the interview, a riot breaks out in the prison cafeteria, forcing Gale to stop the broadcast. Mickey then grabs a shotgun from a guard, takes the crew as hostages and tells them to go save Mallory. During the riot, Gale uses the camera to transmit live what happens in the riot. He publicly claims that the riot has spiritually reawakened him, leaving his wife for his Asian-American mistress (who left him during the riot due to his erratic behavior), and helps Mickey and Mallory escape from the prison. All of his crew are killed in the ensuing riot from gunfire.

After Mallory is saved and they escape from prison, she and Mickey tell Gale that he is going to be their last victim (with his camera as a witness), both citing the fact that Gale is nothing more than a self-centered person who exploits for his own personal gain. Gale panics and tries to run, but eventually resigns himself to his impending death, and allows them to kill him.

The inspiration for Wayne was real-life reporter Steve Dunleavy, who like Wayne is also Australian, was the lead reporter for American tabloid television program A Current Affair during the 1980s and 1990s, and who controversially advocated for the release from prison of rapist and murderer Wayne DuMond, in a manner similar to Gale's fascination with Mickey and Mallory in the movie. Another inspiration was reporter Geraldo Rivera, whose prison interview with Charles Manson was an inspiration for much of the character's interaction with the murderers Mickey and Mallory Knox. However, it was after meeting Wayne Darwen that Robert Downey had a lock on the character.