The Weaponers of Qward are powerful villains from the DC universe who originate from the Green Lantern sector of DC lore, being the Anti-Universe's equivalent of the Guardians of the Universe and thus rabid opponents of the Green Lanterns and their ideals.


With the anti-universe things are mirrored from the mainstream DC universe and evil is worshipped, perhaps nowhere as passionately as Qward - which occupies the same relative position in the antimatter universe as the world of Oa does in the positive matter universe.

The Weaponers of Qward were formed by Yokal the Atrocious as the antithesis of the Oan Guardians Of The Universe, they revere only chaos and conquest and despise the Green Lantern Corps, being determined to destroy them.


The Weaponers of Qward carry Qwa-Bolts, devastating thrown weapon that resemble yellow lightning bolts and stored in a quiver on the Weaponer's back, the effects of the qwa-bolt is disintegration, scorching heat, or explosive force upon impact with a target. The qwa-bolt can also be used to impale an enemy, but usually only in hand-to-hand combat.

Weaponers usually carry a yellow shield in addition to these Qwa-Bolts - the color choice is far from arbitary either as Green Lantern rings are traditionally weak against the color yellow (as well as certain matter, such as wood).



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