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NOTE: This article is about the incarnation of Weasel from the DC Extended Universe. The mainstream version can be found here: Weasel (DC).
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Villain Overview

Blackguard: I- is this thing a dog?
Captain Boomerang: A dog? What kind of dog do you think it is mate?
Blackguard: I dunno, I'm not familiar with all the breeds.
T.D.K: I'm gonna go with Afghan hound.
Captain Boomerang: Since when does an Afghan hound have bloody thumbs?!
Harley: Oh my god is it a werewolf? I've wanted to meet a werewolf forever!
Blackguard: YO YOU SAT ME NEXT TO A WEREWOLF?! Yo let me out man!
Rick Flag: HEY! He's not a werewolf okay? He's a weasel he's harmless. Well he's not harmless he's killed 27 children but y'know we got him to... I think he's agreed to do this.
~ Task Force X discussing what Weasel is.

Weasel is a minor character in the 2021 film The Suicide Squad, the tenth installment of the DC Extended Universe.

He is a mutated weasel-like humanoid who was held in Belle Reve thanks to his murdering of twenty seven children, he is brought onto Rick Flag's first Task Force X team tasked with infiltrating Corto Maltese.

He was portrayed by Sean Gunn, who also played Kraglin Obfonteri in the Guardians of the Galaxy films and Calendar Man in the same film.


Weasel appears as a mutated creature who after killing twenty-seven children was incarcerated in Belle Reve and later given the chance by Amanda Waller to be brought onto the Task Force X team as part of Rick Flag's first set of troops. On the helicopter ride to their drop off point Weasel was sat next to Blackguard and The Detachable Kid, Blackguard asked if Weasel was a dog to the amusement of Captain Boomerang who mockingly asked him what kind of dog he thought he was which prompted T.D.K and Harley Quinn to chime in with the former suggesting Afghan Hound and the latter excitedly exclaiming he could be a werewolf sending Blackguard into a panic with him demanding to be let off the plane only for Rick Flag to intervene and calm him down by explaining that he's just a weasel and probably won't harm him in spite of his deadly nature.

The team then reach the drop off point and each of them jump into the waters below to swim to the shores. Unfortunately, nobody asked Weasel if he could swim much to the chagrin of Flag and Waller and as a result he presumably drowned when they got to the beach shores with Savant who attempted to save him pronouncing him dead on arrival.

Savant turned out to mistaken however as long after all of the events that unfolded in Corto Maltese including the destruction of Starro and the deaths of Silvio Luna, The Thinker and Mateo Suarez, Weasel wakes up on the shores and coughes up water meaning he was only unconscious and was confused at what was going on, running away from the scene consequently. It can be assumed that, as no one of Waller's men know about his status, Weasel may have went to live in Corto Maltese's wilderness from now on.


Weasel doesn't appear to have much going on inside his head and appears to be a very savage and dim creature with little understanding of what's going on around him, he also apparently enjoys licking his cage bars. His instincts and intelligence are either appropriate to that of a real weasel or even deeper, hence he was convicted of 27 child murders before his incarceration at Belle Reve (although, like an actual weasel, he could have merely been hunting for prey, avoiding attacking adults). However, despite his feral and animalistic nature, he once displays a sign of partial intelligence and awareness while inside the Task Force X cargo helicopter, being one of the first team members to buckle up without effort while Blackguard next to him is still struggling with the seat belt.


Weasel resembles a skinny humanoid covered in matted brown fur with a slight pot belly and bulging bloodshot blue eyes. He also has a very long tongue, whiskers, fangs and a tail.

Powers and abilities

Weasel physiology: Weasel is an anthropomorphic weasel. He can move at great speeds, he is very flexible and has very fluid motions, and he can react quickly. He also has heightened senses of smell and hearing, as well as sharp claws and teeth that can slice through human flesh or bite enemies to distract, injure, or kill them, respectively.


  • This is the first live-action adaptation of the character Weasel.
  • Weasel is Sean Gunn's second comic book movie role after playing Kraglin Obfonteri in the MCU.
  • Unlike actual weasels, he can't swim, which may suggest he's partially human.
  • James Gunn has stated that Weasel might actually not have committed the crimes he's accused of.



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