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The Weasel is a recurring character in the Foghorn Leghorn shorts. In his appearances he generally tries to steal eggs, but his schemes are usually foiled by Foghorn because of his foolishness.

In one cartoon, he teams up Foghorn when they are both bested by Barnyard Dawg, but usually is tricked by the rooster, so he can make a fool out of the dog. He was voiced by the late Mel Blanc, and Frank Welker.

He is quite manic, never staying still for more than a few seconds, and always pursuing his food to the exclusion of all else, running straight into peril, and then going straight back for more. He briefly pauses when one of Foghorn's schemes has them both shorn of their fur and feathers, which are compacted into stacks of hay they must now wear, prompting one of Foghorn's famous jokes about having his feathers numbered for just such an emergency.

But if Foghorn is down and out, the weasel is not; he is seen still running around looking for food in the irised-out void after the cartoon is finished, still in his hay-fur-suit. He is so crazed, even Foghorn's smooth-talking manipulation can only guide him for moments at a time.


  • Plop Goes The Weasel
  • Weasel Stop
  • Weasel While You Work

Flop goes the Weasel

A different Weasel appears in a Merry Melodies cartoon called "Flop Goes the Weasel" where he tries to eat a baby chick with black feathers while trying to convince him that he is the chick's mother. But the chick figures this out and clobbers him instead. This cartoon has been suppressed in most regions, due to concerns over racism.


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