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Weiss Piloting.jpg

Weiss is a character from Queen's Gate: Spiral Chaos. As a dimension-traveling being who intends to restore her native star, she used Aine, Luna, and Hyumina to bring the dimensional portal known as The Queen's Gate to her, so that she could consume it.


Weiss wears a white piloting suit, with golden ornaments on the head, neck and crotch, and black boots.


Not much is known about her personality, but she claims to be omnipotent.


Weiss Dragon.jpg

Weiss rides a black, enormous, mechanical dragon in battle, that has fast and powerful attacks, can use its claws as a drill and releases devastating laser beams.


  • She's voiced by Rie Kugimiya, who also voiced Melona and Rana.
  • Her name means "white" in German.
  • Her dragon mecha may be inspired in the Dimensional Beasts, the common monster antagonists, from Super Robot Wars Z 2.