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Wendall is the main antagonist of Kaspar the Dead Baby, an extremely dark comedy sketch in Crazy Magazine, which was published by Marvel in 1974 - it is notable for being more violent than most other sketches in the Crazy Magazine (which usually just consisted of silly takes on superheroes or similar).


Wendall was always a cruel and selfish man who had little love for his girlfriend, when she became pregnant with Kaspar Wendall planned on abandoning her but was forced to wed her by her intimidating father. Wendall was a horrible husband who often cheated on his wife and regularly abused Kaspar, when his father-in-law died Wendall finally decided to end his marriage in the most violent manner possible when he viciously murdered his wife and then proceeded to murder and mutilate Kaspar, he then stole the family fortune and left to spend his ill-gotten gain (he managed to convince police that the crime was commited by an unnamed madman, thus evaded punishment for his deeds).

Years passed by and Wendall grew rich, having a new car and a new girlfriend, he had no remorse for his past crimes but would soon face retribution when Kaspar's ghost and his witch friend decided to exact vengeance upon him, with Kaspar scaring him into crashing his car and the witch conjuring magic knives to slice Wendall apart much as he had done to Kaspar.

The story ends with Kaspar, now cheered up, happily wandering off with his witch friend while Wendall's corpse is left next to his burning car.



  • his treatment of his wife and Kaspar is similar to the abuse inflicted upon a young Bruce Banner by Brian Banner (including the murder of his own wife).
  • the entire comic is a parody of Casper the Friendly Ghost and its title also references "dead baby jokes".
  • despite being a comedy sketch its topics are definitely not ones that would be explored comfortably in the modern age, thus despite its original intent the media falls into exploitation by today's standards.
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