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Wendel is a one-time villain from the Cartoon Network original series, Total Dramarama, only appearing in the episode "Way Back Wendel". He is a time-traveling boy from 1863, who's sexist against women and tries to one-up Courtney at everything. He turned the entire world black and white.

He is voiced by Taylor Abrahamse.


In "Way Back Wendel", Courtney dug up a time machine and opened it to find a black and white boy named Wendel who came from the year 1863. Wendel introduced himself as the "winningest" boy in the world, who could beat anyone at any game. He said that he beat everyone back in his own time period so he traveled to the future to see if anyone could throw him a worthy challenge. Courtney was a very competitive person so she challenged him. Wendel laughed at this because as a girl, he saw her as inferior. Wendel and Courtney faced off in a series of challenges, all of which Courtney won, which pissed off Wendel really bad. The more infuriated Wendel got, the more the world around him turned black and white and reverted back to the 1860's. The kids figured out what was going on and needed to stop them before the entire world went back in time for good. They convinced Courtney to throw one of the challenges so that Wendel could get a false sense of victory and go back into his time machine and not bother anyone until the far future. Courtney was hesitant to lose. In fact, she was so good at everything, she had trouble losing even if she tried. After winning several challenges, Courtney eventually successfully failed a tug of war and Wendel went back into his time machine and sent the world back to the 2000's again. Way off into the future, Wendel came out of his time machine again and ended up getting attacked by an evil robot.


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