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Wendel Mcalatum is an anthropomorphic fox and the main antagonist of the book The Oaken Throne by Robin Jarvis.


He is a traveling gypsy who is secretly the high priest of the evil god Hob. He First appears at the celebration at the squirrel kingdom where he saves the life of the squirrel maid Yssebelle. He later appears at a massive gathering of cultists in the woods who captures Yssebelle and her new bat friend Vesper. After killing several squirrel soldiers the two escape.

He later runs into the two again, as well as the Shrew Tysle and the mole Giraldus. He accompanies them to the town of Willowford Where Tysle discovers the uniform of the high priest of Hob in Wendel's gypsy cart. Wendel comes upon the shrew and kills him. The heroes realize that a cultist is among them and while resting in a castle, Wendel Reveals his identity. during the scuffle, they start a cave in and Wendel is Crushed by the falling rubble.

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