The Wendigo, also known as The Monster, is the main antagonist of the horror video game Do Blink, created by Maître Pantoufle.


The protagonist lives in a shelter, inside of a very dangerous forest. Suddenly once outside, the protagonist loses their key outside in the woods, getting trapped outside. Now the protagonist has to find the key in order to get back inside their safe shelter while the Wendigo is trying to kill the protagonist outside.

In the game, the protagonist has a flashlight and doesn't have the ability to run. Crickets can be heard in the background as it is raining. If the Wendigo is visible, the protagonist can close their eyes in order for the Wendigo to go away. Although this method sometimes doesn't work, and the Wendigo ends up taking the protagonists life.

Future on, the protagonist ends up finding a floating yellow key and takes it. In the end, the protagonist has to get back to their shelter and lock the door in order to be safe from the Wendigo. Once inside the shelter, the game ends.


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