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Beautiful and feisty. Love it! Allow me to introduce myself; Wenlock, your future husband! (Annika: Husband!?) I'm offering you the once in a lifetime opportunity to be my bride!
~ Wenlock introducing himself to Annika.
Oh, smile! You didn't lose a daughter; you've gained a pet!
~ Wenlock after turning Brietta into a pegasus.
You're like all my other wives. Annoying.
~ Wenlock keep taunting Annika before he burns her into the snow.
Don't be hasty! We were married once, remember?
~ Wenlock's last words.

Wenlock is the main antagonist of the 2005 direct-to-DVD animated film Barbie and The Magic of Pegasus as well as a videogame based on said movie. Like many fantasy antagonists, he has similarities to figures in earlier folklore / fairytales.

He was voiced by Colin Murdock, who also voiced Kibosh, Svengallop, Ramon, Etienne Cheynet, and S. Scott Bullock. In Japanese dub of the film, he is voiced by Yutaka Aoyama.


Before Annika birth, Wenlock is a powerful but evil sorcerer who believes his power means as he can have any girl he wants. The king along with his wife, the queen, and older daughter, Brietta were lived in their kingdom. Brietta had time is celebration of her birthday because her parents gives her a present. Wenlock takes his griffin, he reached to the kingdom and plagues them. He first then persuade the king but such about intends to marry his daughter, is really inane. The king rejected from makes Wenlock for marry Brietta with called his guards to killed him.

By this point, Wenlock holding his wand to freezing them and saw the banner with pegasus. He would turned Brietta into one (the titular Pegasus) which leaving her parents to vexing. After years in later, Annika was born, her parents also protect her from Wenlock. Arrives on ice rink, he wants Annika to be his latest wife, he was surprised when she refuses. Even that, Wenlock is also rude to Annika. However, he petrifies all the citizens of Annika's kingdom - including her parents - and tells her that unless she marries him within three days, the spell will become permanent.

His wand makes him virtually invincible, so Annika - accompanied by her sister, Brietta, who was transformed into a flying horse after she also turned down Wenlock - search for the Wand of Light, the only object with the power to defeat him. After Ferris tips him off, Wenlock eventually catches up with them even after the Wand of Light doesn't work, takes it for himself and buries Annika under the ice. When the two girls retakes the Wand of Light, which helped deals with Wenlock and transformed him into an old man, his griffon into a scrawny cat and his wives - who he'd turned into trolls - back into human form.


  • Wenlock had three previous wives, encounters Annika three times in the film, Annika has three days to break the spell, and must find three components to build the Wand of Light.
  • He never appeared in the bloopers.

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