The Were-Rat

The Were-Rat is a minor antagonist in the Disney/Tim Burton's 2012 stop-motion animated film Frankenweenie. His is a dead rat resurrected by Edgar "E" Gore.

His vocal sound effects were provided by Jeff Bennett.


Edgar found the rat in a garbage trash and used him as animal to resurrect. The young boy made his experience in Mr. Rzykruski's class with the science material and lightning. However, the experience went wrong and the rat became a man size monster which looks like a werewolf. Scared, Edgar leaves the classroom and alerts the gym teacher who was always in the school. She slowly walks to the classroom and open the door and screams by seeing the mutated rat. With Shelley and the Sea Creatures, it will terrorize the people. First, it follows the teacher to the place of dutch day festival and then chase Edgar. Right after, the were-rat goes after Elsa and her dog. That's when Sparky intervenes to defend them. The monster defies him and bites him to a bolt on the side of Sparky's neck. He then takes an electric shock so powerful that he returns to its original state: an old rat dead and decomposing.


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