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Please! Please stop! I'm sorry! Don't hurt me, just... i'm sorry! I'm sorry! (Michael pokes him with the branch to scare him) No no no no, please please! (Michael then takes back the photo and lifts his mask) No no no, please! Please, don't hurt me! (Michael puts his mask back down, sealing his fate) No NO!
~ Wesley's last words before he's beaten to death with a tree branch by Michael.

Wesley Rhoades is a teenage bully and a minor antagonist in Rob Zombie's 2007 remake of John Carpenter's 1978 horror film Halloween.

He was portrayed by Daryl Sabara, who also voiced Butch Magnus on The Boondocks.


Wesley Rhoades was a teenage boy who bullied and tormented Michael Myers who was several years his junior. He accused Michael's sister Judith of being a prostitute and claims he and his friends caught her in the act of giving oral sex to complete stranger in the men's bathroom. He also jokes that the doctors would've had to remove the cum from her stomach with a suction stomach pump and makes a rather lecherous sucking noise to mimic the noise a stomach pump makes just to annoy Michael. Michael tries to ignore him but Wesley kept pushing at him and provoking him by making more lecherous claims, this time aiming towards his mother and made fun of the fact that Michael's mother Deborah worked as a stripper. A fight broke out between the two at the Haddonfield Elementary School and Wesley was forced to serve detention after class.

After school let out, Michael, having finally snapped, approached Wesley in a forest when he was walking home. Wesley, unaware of the threat, began his usual bullying, causing Michael to begin violently whacking him with a branch. Before too, Wesley's anger turns into fear, and begs Michael to stop as he begins apologizing for all he ever said and done. But still, after finding the pornographic picture Wesley made of Michael's mother, this enraged Michael and continues to whack him, eventually killing him.


Next time I see that Myers pussy, he's dead!
~ Wesley to his friends about his revenge on Michael Myers.
Hey, s**t-pants! What's going on?
~ Wesley's reaction when he's stopped by Michael Myers.
You know, um, I heard your sister got caught selling blowjobs in the bathroom.
~ Wesley's perverted lie to Michael about his older sister Judith.
I heard they had to pump the cum out of her stomach *makes slurping noise*.
~ Wesley lying to Michael, alleging his older sister's sexual encounters.
Hey, Mikey, how's your mom doing?
~ Wesley asking Michael Myers about his mother.
You know, my old man said that for a buck, she'd rub her tits on his face.
~ Wesley making lies about Michael's mother being a prostitute.
Mikey's upset!
~ Wesley mocking Michael being angry at his lies.
Ball-licker, check this out!
~ Wesley presenting a pornographic picture of Michael's mother to Michael's face.
I was thinking of making copies of Mommy for the whole school!
~ Wesley provoking Michael, claiming he's going to pass the pornographic pictures around school.
Hey, tough guy!
~ Wesley yelling at Michael before shoving him and making more rude comments.
You think she'd suck my dick for a quarter and let me suck her tits?
~ Wesley making provocative claims of what he plans to do with Michael's mother sexually.
You little nancy bitch!
~ Wesley cursing Michael as he shoves and pushes him around in the bathroom.


  • Shown in a blooper reel after a scene where Wesley pulls a kid's hat down over his face and pushes him down, Daryl Sabara realized he pushed the kid too hard and repeatedly apologized to him.
  • Chronologically, he marks Michael Myers' first human kill, even before Judith Myers.


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