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I am Westar, denizen of Labyrinth, and faithful servant of Lord Moebius!
~ Westar

Westar is a young man who appears to be in his late teens or early twenties. 

Only in the last few episodes does he decide to assist Pretty Cure after nearly being killed by Klein and Moebius and subsequently being saved and given new powers by Chiffon. He often assumes a different appearance and goes by the name Hayato Nishi as a means of fitting in with the people of Clover Town so that he can successfully track Pretty Cure's actions.

Westar's personality differs greatly from the other four Labyrinth members who serve directly under Moebius. While he battles Pretty Cure more often than them, and is physically the most imposing of the group, he does not act quite as threateningly as they do, except on rare occasions.

Westar is known primarily for have a lot of motivation, energy and brute strength, which is where he still manages to collect a lot of FUKO energy and come close to capturing Infinity a few times because he goes out to work more often than they do. Despite his shortcomings, he is still quite dedicated to serving Moebius.

He was voiced by Yasunori Matsumoto.


Westar makes his first appearance in episode 35. From this point on, Cure arrives in the Labyrinth world in order to defeat Moebius and take back Chiffon. Westar's role is to assist in fending them off, and he is pitted against Cure Passion. During the battle, she attempts to convince him to stop fighting and serving under Moebius, but does not manage to get through to him.

Only when Moebius attempts to kill everyone in the room, including Westar himself, using a Delete Hole does he realize that Moebius does not care for him and is no longer worth serving under. While trying to escape from the Delete Hole, Cure Passion's leg gets caught in some wires.

Westar frees her from them and prevents her from being hit by the discarded machinery being sucked into the vortex. Soon afterward, he is caught by surprise by another piece of debris, which he cannot hold back and is knocked backwards into the Delete Hole.

He also self-destructs and escapes and returns to Clover Town Street with everyone. Upon arriving there, he use Switch Over, which he is also able to summon Sorewatase monsters. Like the other Labyrinth citizens he works with, he has superhuman fighting abilities, but his level of strength seems to surpass theirs.


  • Westar reveals in episode 46 that he knows how to make doughnuts, though it is unclear when and how he learned to do so.
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