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Weston Lesko is a minor antagonist in Fallout 3 and the main antagonist in the quest "Those!".

He was voiced by Mike Rosson.


When a young boy named Bryan Wilks approaches The Lone Wanderer, usually outside of the Quick-E-Mart, they will tell The Lone Wanderer that his town of Grayditch is being overtaken by "monsters" and asks them to find his father, to which The Lone Wanderer agrees.

Once The Lone Wanderer makes it to Grayditch, they find the town overrun with tons of giant fire breathing ants. Once the Lone Wanderer finds Fred Wilks dead inside of his home, The Lone Wanderer tells Bryan the bad news and then can ask him who else lives in the town, where Bryan will first mention the scientist Dr. Lesko who lived alone experimenting all day long.

The Lone Wanderer investigates the nearby Marigold Station and eventually finds Lesko himself and asks what's going on with the ants, to which Lesko will answer that he's been using the FEV virus to try and genetically engineer the giant ants of the Capital Wasteland to be as small as they once were before the great war. Telling Lesko that's he's responsible for all the death and destruction in Grayditch will reveal that he has very little to no remorse at all for his actions, believing they're worth it in the pursuit of science.

Lesko will then ask The Lone Wanderer to kill the ant queen's guardians and activate an inhibitor pulse so the queen won't be hostile to him and he can perform experiments on it. The Lone Wanderer can do this or kill the ant queen as well and convince him it was for the best for the wasteland.

At any point in the mission, The Lone Wanderer can murder Weston Lesko for his atrocities and he'll try to run away from the Lone Wanderer if he isn't killed in the first attack.


  • Fred Wilks - Killed by Lesko's giant fire ants.
  • William Brandice - Killed by Lesko's giant fire ants.
  • Three Unnamed People - Killed by Lesko's giant fire ants.
    • Total - 5


  • Ironically, despite all the horrible things Lesko is responsible for, the game lists him as having good karma and killing him gives the player negative karma.
  • Lesko shares his names with the main protagonist in the 1974 horror film "Phase IV", which also has scientists fighting giant mutated ants.
  • Lesko's lab coat is a unique item that gives the payer +10 science if its worn, the highest bonus for science out of all the clothing items in the game. The only way to obtain his coat is to ask Dr. Lesko for some "serious incentive" to kill all the guardian ants that protect the giant ant queen. Otherwise, killing him will only give the player a generic lab coat.

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