Then receive this reward from the Founders, may it keep you strong.
~ Weyoun, handing out white to the Jem'Hadar.
Citizens of Cardassia, this latest wave of vandalism directed against your Dominion allies must stop. We know that these disgraceful acts of sabotage were carried out by a mere handful of extremists, but these radicals must come to realize that their disobedience will not be tolerated. That you, the Cardassian people, will suffer the consequences of their cowardly actions. Which is why, I must inform you, just a few moments ago, Dominion troops reduced Lakarian City to ashes. There were no survivors. Two million men, women and children, gone in a matter of moments. For each act of sabotage committed against the Dominion, another Cardassian city will be destroyed. I implore you not to let that happen. Let us return to the spirit of friendship and cooperation between our peoples, so that together, we can destroy our common enemies, the Federation, the Klingons, the Romulans and all others who stand against us. Thank you.
~ Weyoun's speech to the Cardassian people.
Weyoun was the name of a series of Vorta clones in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Weyoun was first introduced in the episode To the Death.

Weyoun was portrayed by Jeffrey Combs, who played a number of roles in Star Trek-related media, including Brunt and Shran.

Captain Benjamin Sisko and the crew of DS9 had their first encounter with a Weyoun in 2372 when they joined forces with the Jem'Hadar under Weyoun 4's command to hunt down and eliminate a rogue band of Jem'Hadar. After Weyoun 4 doubted their loyalty to the Founders, First Omet'iklan killed him after subduing the renegades.

Weyoun 5 was activated a short time later. After the Cardassians under Gul Dukat joined the Dominion, this Weyoun was assigned as Dukat's Vorta advisor. Under the supervision of this Weyoun, the Dominion went to war against the Federation and the Klingon Empire. After Dukat went insane following the Battle of Bajor, Weyoun worked with Damar for the next year. This Weyoun died in 2375 due to a transporter accident that Damar was believed to have been responsible for.

Weyoun 6 was then activated, but it soon became apparent that he was "defective" and Weyoun 7 was then activated. Weyoun 7 forced his predecessor to commit suicide to save Odo's life. When Weyoun let his guard down near the imprisoned Starfleet officer Worf, he paid for his arrogance with his life when Worf snapped his neck.

A few hours later Weyoun 8 was activated. This version of Weyoun was particularly evil, eagerly agreeing to the Female Changeling's orders for the Dominion to commit genocide against the Cardassians after they rebelled against her. Weyoun 8 died when he was shot by Garak. The Female Changeling expressed regret over Weyoun 8's death, stating it was Weyoun's last clone. Garak responded that he had been hoping the Female Changeling would say that.

After the conclusion of the war, Odo recovered Weyoun 8's transcorder so that his memories and experiences could be transferred to a new clone. Back in the Gamma Quadrant Weyoun 9 was activated and assigned to work with Odo. Over the next decade, Weyoun developed considerably as an individual due to Odo's influence.