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The Whammer is a villain in the educational cartoon show WordGirl. He has the power to "wham" his fists together, thus creating a shockwave of sonic energy powerful enough to shatter rock and knock WordGirl back quite a distance.

He initially tried to be a sidekick to various characters, first to Chuck the Evil Sandwich Making Guy, later to Amazing Rope Guy, and ultimately The Butcher, but due to his strong personality and lack of listening skills, he failed at this endeavor and has since tried to strike out on his own.

The Whammer does not seem to possess very strong intelligence and may even be called quite slow, but he is very enthusiastic. He interjects the words "wham" or "whammer" into his sentences, using them to replace words and occasionally make his speech a bit hard to decipher (such as, "That was totally whammer!" or, "The Whammer listens; The Whammer whams listening, yeah!") and also shouts "yeah!" frequently.



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