Wheeler is a trucker with a sadistic penchant for murdering those he picks up in his truck. He is one of the main antagonists of the Masters of Horror segment/short film Pick Me Up.

Pick Me Up

Wheeler comes around in his semi and picks up some of the passengers of a stranded transport bus, including a woman nicknamed "Birdie" who flirts with him a bit. Unfortunately, Wheeler proves to be as monstrous as the other antagonist Walker when he murders Birdie and leaves her body in his truck. He also decapitates a passenger with the sliding door of the bus' luggage compartment.

Finding out about Stacia who had left the bus earlier and was on her way to a roadside motel, Wheeler encounters Walker and the two psychopaths confront each other over who will ultimately kill Stacia. Wheeler manages to get her into his semi and handcuffs her to prevent her escape. Before he can kill her, he crosses paths again with Walker who appears on the road. Allowing Walker into the cab, Wheeler draws his gun with the intent of killing Stacia and the murderous hitchhiker. However, Stacia manages to take advantage of their squabble and hits the brakes, sending Wheeler and Walker through the windshield. The two murderers fight until an ambulance shows up.

In the ambulance, Wheeler continues to fight Walker until the two propose to steal the ambulance as a new way to get more victims. However, the ambulance's driver and EMT turn out to be killers themselves and the EMT kills both Walker and Wheeler with a syringe to the gut.

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