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Whisper is a minor antagonist in Generation One of the Transformers franchise, functioning as leader of the Air Strike Patrol. He was based on a figure from the 1989 toyline.

Marvel Comics

Whisper was first seen in an alternate 1991 from the movie timeline, in the UK-exclusive story "Aspects of Evil". He and the rest of the Air Strike Patrol served Megatron in a three-way Decepticon Civil War. They attacked Scorponok, leader of an opposing faction, in a human city and came close to killing him before Hot Rod, Quickmix and Landfill arrived to contain the fight. Scorponok surrendered to the Autobots, meaning they were obliged to protect him from Whisper and the others.

His first present day appearance came in "A Small War", where he was one of the first Micromasters created by Thunderwing after reverse-engineering the process from the captured Battle Patrol. When the other Autobot Micromasters arrived to rescue their comrades, Whisper and the rest of the Air Strike Patrol were activated to ambush them. They initially succeeded but Roadhandler tricked them into believing he had dropped a live bomb, allowing the Autobots to jump them.

He made his first appearance in the Marvel US title in Issue #55. He and the rest of the Air Strike Patrol were summoned to Earth by Scorponok to try and counteract the good publicity being gained by the Autobot Micromasters. They accompanied Lord Zarak in confronting the Autobots, with Storm Cloud challenging Roadhandler to a wrestling match. Whisper and the others tried to force Roadhandler to throw the match by attempting to take the young humans he had befriended hostage but they were stopped by Powertrain, Swindler and Highjump.

As the following arc revealed, Whisper and the others were actually working for Megatron. They attacked the MacDill Air Force Base, apparently planning to steal an experimental plane. However, this was merely a ruse to draw a large group of Autobots to the air force base. They then sent out a distress call to Scorponok, who felt obliged to bring his troops to defend them. Having engineered a battle between the two groups, Whisper and his men quickly fled the scene.

With Megatron defeated not long after, Whisper was left adrift so took a contract from Decepticon High Command to assassinate senior Autobots. This led to Whisper himself becoming a target for the Rescue Patrol, the latest Autobot Micromasters to arrive on Earth, who pursued him through a forest. The rest of the Air Strike Patrol came to his aid and the Rescue Patrol ended up being recalled by Optimus Prime when he realised the damage the battle was doing to Earth's environment.

Whisper last appeared in US Issue #68, when he and the rest of the Air Strike Patrol attacked a refinery only to run into the human mutant Hector Dialonzo, who used his energy-channelling powers to take down the rest of the patrol. Realising the danger, Whisper tried to get Hector to stand down by threatening to drop an oil tanker on a group of workers, but only managed to enrage him enough to blast him anyway, leaving him deactivated.


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