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We whisper, and the dead don't mind...
~ Whisperer
You came into our land. Killed our kind. Now we explore your land, learn about your people. You will see many of us. You will know us. You will fear us
~ Alpha

The Whisperers are a gang of survivors of the zombie outbreak, serving as the main antagonists of the The Walking Dead comics from Volume 22: A New Beginning to Volume 27: The Whisperer War.

The Whisperers are a ruthless group of survivors, led by Alpha and her second-in-command Beta. They show absolute loyalty to their leadership and Alpha encourages violence and even rape within the group in order to strenghten the members. The most remarkable feature of the Whisperers is that they wear the skins of dead roamers as clothing, which allows them to pass through roamer herds unnoticed. It also allows them to blend into herds.


First encounters with the Militia

The Whisperers are first encountered years after the capture of Negan and the end of the war between the Militia and the Saviors. They follow two Hilltop colonists, Marco and Ken, and mock them by whispering to them. Marco hears the whispers and believes the undead are talking to him, but of course his companions do not believe them. When later, a search party led by Dante is sent to find Ken, they are attacked by what they believe to be roamers. However, once most roamers are eliminating two more turn up, equipped with knives and able to talk. They kill a crewman, Doug, but are then killed by Doug. Investigating the corpses, Doug realizes that he was not fighting roamers but normal men, who were wearing the roamer skins as masks. Suddenly, Doug is attacked by another masked Whisperer - their leader, Alpha. Alpha holds him at gunpoint and while Dante tries to explain that he acted in self-defense, Alpha reveals to Dante that because his people attacked her group, the Whisperers will be observing their communities and that they should be afraid.

Likewise, the Whisperers attack the search party Paul "Jesus" Monroe leads in search for Nathaniel. Jesus can fend off his attackers and kills all but one, whom he takes captive. The captured Whisperer is brought to the Hilltop and is interrogated. When the mask is removed, the Whisperer is revealed to be a girl called Lydia. While being questioned by Jesus and Maggie, Lydia reveals that the dead protect her people and in return the Whisperers protect them. They do not harm the roamers but instead live among them. During her captivity, Lydia befriends Carl Grimes. While Lydia is held at Hilltop, two Whisperers scout the surrounding area, keeping a close watch on Hilltop. They know that Alpha is coming and that Lydia will take care of herself.


  • Alpha
  • Beta
  • Lydia
  • Joshua
  • Mike
  • Josh
  • James
  • several others


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