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The Whispering Death knows only one thing… killing!
~ Gobber.

Toothless's Nemesis or Toothless's Rival is an unnamed adult male Whispering Death and the first one to appear in the series. While other Whispering Deaths are recurring dragons in Dreamworks Dragons: Riders of Berk this one, in particular, is the main antagonist in the episode "What Flies Beneath", where it is revealed that he had a bad history with Toothless. Whatever grudge they had was serious that they were willing to destroy each other over a grudge they had in the past. He is the archenemy of Toothless.


In the past, this particular dragon held a grudge against Toothless due to some past confrontation that resulted in Toothless leaving a distinctive scar on the Whispering Death's hide where he bit the other dragon, forming a rivalry between the two. The Whispering Death eventually made its way to Berk where it encountered Toothless once again and immediately saw that the Night Fury was grounded due to his tail being damaged. It gained advantage over Toothless due to his inability to fly, striking the Night Fury in the leg with one of its spines. Before it could continue its assault, the Whispering Death was forced to retreat underground when sunlight falls on it.

Hiccup attempted to train the Whispering Death to stop its attack on Toothless, but none of his tactics had any effect on the wild dragon, even Dragon Nip which caused the other dragons to fall asleep after it sneezed from it. The Whispering Death almost killing Hiccup until Toothless intervened causing both Toothless and his rival to engaged in another battle. Although Toothless tried to fight it on his own, his inability to fly put him at a disadvantage. The Whispering Death nearly killed Toothless by cornering him into a canyon, but it was only after Toothless accepted Hiccup's help that the wild dragon was overpowered. As Toothless was about to kill the Whispering Death to end their rivalry once and for all, Hiccup stopped Toothless, and the Night Fury allowed the Whispering Death to flee. After it was driven away, the holes it made through its burrowing were blocked up with boulders. After Toothless defeated him, it is assumed both have moved on and consider the matter closed. However, it is also possible that he is still angry, but just knows that he couldn't beat Toothless, and so leaves him alone, showing it’s gratitude for sparing his life.

Hiccup and Toothless later encountered another Whispering Death in Outcast Island, but it was later revealed to be a female which belonged to Alvin and he later named her Groundspitter, who later hatch the Screaming Death.



  • Whispering Deaths are almost untrainable. They are very destructive and aggressive in nature, attacking anything in their way and are generally feared by other dragons and humans in general. The only way to train a Whispering Death would be to capture it and take your time until you eventually gain its trust or by raising one as a hatchling (as shown with Hiccup and his baby Whispering Death). You can earn a Whispering Death's respect if you help reunite it with a family member or save its life. Whispering Deaths love to be brushed so the best way to tame a Whispering Death is to brush its teeth often.
    • One reason why Alvin was able to train his Whispering Death was due to their similar traits. Groundsplitter (Alvin's Whispering Death and the Screaming Death's mother) has the typical personality of her kind; highly aggressive, violent, and dangerous. With these character traits, she seems to be a perfect match for Alvin, which allows her to bond with him.
  • It has never been revealed how, where and why Toothless and the Whispering Death developed a grudge for one another in the first place. However, Rise of Berk hinted that the story may be revealed in a later season.
    • Some fans theorize that while Grimmel was responsible for killing all the Night Furies, Toothless' nemesis was specifically responsible for killing his family (his mother, father, and possibly siblings) when Toothless was a hatchling (way before he was ensalve by the Red Death, as Toothless wasn't under her control when he got in a close range of her nest) and while growing up he hunted the Whispering Death and gave him a distinctive scar on the Whispering Death's hide.
    • Some fans also theorize is due to the Whispering Deaths and Night Furies being completely different from each other (Night Furies have retractable teeth, no spikes, has large wings, has legs and arms, and hunts from above while Whispering Deaths has a many terrifying teeth, many spikes, tiny wings, no arms or legs and just a head with a long tail, and hunts from below), it possible that their species are natural enemies.
  • It is possible that this Whispering Death could not be trained by Hiccup because he picked on Toothless' scent from the Viking. He does seem to attack Hiccup more directly afterwards and attempted to kill him several times.

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