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Whitaker Berman was a man who called himself The Dream Sorcerer.


He was interested in serious relationships with women. But often, women rejected him because of him being in a wheelchair (from having paralysis from the waist down) and because of his aggressive come-ons. When a woman rejected his love, he would enter their dreams through machines and chemicals, which would astral project him into their dreams where he would kill them, which killed them in real life. He was interested in Prue but she turned him down. He tried to make her fall asleep so she could become yet another victim. She defeated him by telekinetically throwing him off a building in the dream, which was hard at first.

This was because Berman was usually able to prevent magic from being used.Berman's First VictimEditIn 1998, Berman killed a young woman named Skye Russell. At Quake, Berman had asked out Prue by sending her a drink. Prue didn't accept and had Skye send the drink back to him after which Berman asked out Skye. However, Skye didn't want to, and said she wasn't allowed to date any customers.

Later when Skye goes to sleep, she is awakened in her dream by Berman. He says it's her dream, but his fantasy. He tells Skye he's in control of her dream, knowing everything she knows and thinks. Berman starts dancing with her, and then tells her that if you are killed in a dream, you're killed in real life. Berman eventually reveals that they are on a rooftop and pushes Skye off.The next day, Skye is found dead in her bed by Andy Trudeau and his partner Darryl Morris.

The coroner informed them that every bone in Skye's body's been crushed, "as if she's fallen of a twenty story building". However, Skye's apartment was on the bottom floor, the windows were barred and she was still in bed, making it impossible for all her bones to be crushed. Later on, Berman is found guilty of her death, but by the time Andy and Darryl could arrest him, Berman himself was dead. He died the same way as Skye.

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