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White Hybrids, also sometimes known as White Xenomorphs, or simply Hybrids, are a race, which accidentally got created from a corrupted computer. These Hybrids have parts of Xenomorphs , Predators and Humans. Interestingly enough, there is also a red mutated version of Xenomorphs known as Red Xenomorphs


Just how Xenomorphs look like, they are eusocial beings, which have acidic blood inside of them selves. But, like Humans and Predators, they are very intelligent species, which have the ability of speaking, and they can use various tools, for example firearms. They have a very similar Xenomorph's method of reproducing, in which they use facehuggers, in order to impregnate the female,They can also bond with Xenomorphs, and impregnate them as well.


The leader of the White Hybrids is the biggest of them all. There's no much info about the kings functionality, but it looks like he has the ability of leading his species. As of yet, there was only one king of the hybrids, which got killed by an Alien queen mother.


It's believed that most part, the White Hybrids consist of drones. They are smaller then the king, but they aren't less intelligent then the king.


Onboard, The White Hybrids are engaged when team consisting of Caryn Delacroix, Big Mama, Mercenaries and the Alien Queen Mother appeared. They managed to take down a big portion of the Hybrids, but they get captured, except Caryn which died. The Hybrid King has the idea of using the whole captured team for his ideas. He wants to use the Queen Mother for impregnation, so White Hybrids could spread again. Though, the group gets help from a alien which came from Caryn, the alien is a mixture of xenomorphs and a white hybrid, which ends up battling the Hybrid King. During the fight, the team is slowly trying to escape, the Queen Mother which is pregnant, manages to kill the Hybrid King, but she dies too. While the alien which helped them, left with Ash Parnell and Big Mama.


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