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White Monkey, also known as "Ukki Monkey", is a villain from the Ape Escape videogame series. White Monkey works for specter along with the rest of the freaky monkey 5 hes the smartest of the freaky monkey 5.


Ape Escape 2

whites battle in this game has him control a robot version of the protagonist the player must deactivate the robot temporarily then he must hit white monkey with the stun stick

Ape Escape 3

this time white monkey is piloting a giant dragon robot our hero must transform into the fantasy knight costume and he must attack the dragons ear

Ape Academy

white monkey plays the role as the 4th world's teacher there's not much to say about this one

Ape Academy 2

hes the boss fight of the 4th world (aka white monkey preserve) his hp in this game is 1,000 along with half of the other bosses

Saru Saru Getchu on Air

white monkey controls a flying saucer in this anime he also has a gun that can stop time

Saru Saru Master Moves

white monkeys controls a machine in this one what he did was that he shrunk the professor and strapped him to a chess piece