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I intend to kill all of you. For my peace, I will kill each and every one of you. I will never permit anyone any escape, nor allow any living being to surrender. Thoroughly, please offer your lives to me. Die. For my sake.
~ White Queen to her enemies.
Everything born in this vast world──I love each of it, I loathe each of it. I want to destroy it all; I don’t want to do that. But, I want to consume it all──only that point is true.
~ White Queen to Kurumi Tokisaki and Empty.
Even if it was once, I did kill all of your comrades... Quasi, or should you be called a subspecies? You are all a nuisance. Since your selfconsciousness is only at this level, you all could only create these dumbstruck societies.
~ White Queen expressing her spite for the Quasi-Spirits.

Originally known as Kurumi Tokisaki, and later renamed as White Queen (in Japanese: 白の女王, Shiro no joō), also known as Inverse KurumiWhite KurumiInnocentMad TyrantCrazy RulerQueen of AllRuler of the Quasi-Spirits and possibly hundreds more is an Inverse Kurumi Clone who controlled most of the Quasi-Spirit world and serves as the overall main antagonist of Date A Bullet. She is the Dominion of the Third Region: Binah in the Neighboring World who seeks to invade and control the rest of all Regions with her Empty Army but it's later revealed she desires to cause the complete destruction of the Quasi-Spirit world to meet Shido Itsuka and claim the Human World for herself to rule forever. She is also the spiritual successor to Isaac Ray Peram Westcott, replacing him as the primary antagonist of the franchise after his death.

She is the first main antagonist of the franchise to be an Inverse Spirit and is known as the cruelest version of Kurumi Tokisaki to date, as well as being the most evil Inverse Spirit to show up so far; serving as a mirror for the anti-heroic Kurumi Tokisaki. White Queen's Demon King is called Lucifugus (Lunatic Emperor). It takes the form of an astronomical clock, saber, and gun. Her 12 bullets are named after the Zodiac signs in Hebrew, and. As the Inverse Form of Kurumi's Angel, Zafkiel, Lucifugus controls space rather than time and grants White Queen the most dangerous powers in the Neighboring World.

White Queen is in fact an clone of Kurumi Tokisaki that became an Inverse Spirit and was teleported to the Neighboring World, where she became the White Queen and dominated the Third Region for herself, becoming the biggest enemy for all Quasi-Spirits because of her threat, plans and malice that all made her the most vile and dreadful being in the dimension. As a heretic existence, all Regions of the Neighboring World declared war against her, resulting in the Neighboring World falling into a bloody war. After the White Queen took control of Third Region, she transformed the dimension into an endless torture dungeon where she tortured and experimented in millions of other Kurumi's clones and Quasi-Spirits to transform them into Empty and Jabberwocky monsters and create a powerful army of monsters to take control of both Neighboring and Human World.


Listen me, the Third Region Binah is a vicious and vulgar place where fairy tales and horror stories intertwine. That queen is not just satisfied with using the Empties, but also using them as guinea pigs for various experiments.
~ Kurumi II to Hibiki and Kurumi about White Queen's kingdom.
A ruthless, cruel, sadistic and narcissistic woman who is known as the very embodiment of death itself by all Quasi-Spirits, White Queen was unusual in that she seemed to lack emotions such as love and was void of empathy, something that would transform her into a dreadful and scary legendary figure in the Neighboring World. While traveling in the Ninth Area with Hibiki, Kurumi encounters her and is revealed White Queen was the catalyst "monster" that was tormenting the Neighboring World with wars, genocides and terrorist attacks. White Queen, who suddenly appeared in the Neighboring World, is the biggest enemy for all Quasi-Spirits because of her threat level and has been constantly trying to take over other Regions for herself, starting bloody wars and leaving countless dead to satisfy her megalomaniac desires. War has been ongoing against her force based in Binah, the Third Region, which she has taken over as her headquarters.

When she took over the Third Region, she estabilished her own kingdom and formed her own cult of personality, posing as the Supreme Queen of Binah. Her fascist agenda led to Spirit Wars and the deaths of millions people, including her own subordinates who swore loyalty to her and sent them in suicidal missions to please her. Despite calling herself Queen, other Dominions would refer to her as a brutal and bloody dictator who lead an army of monsters and brainwashed Empty and Quasi-Spirits that often engaged in suicide and mass murder of innocent Quasi-Spirits. For committing numerous war crimes and atrocities, White Queen, and by near-universal accounts the most monstrous and terrifying leader in the Neighboring World, led her nation into a disastrous war and triggered the extermination of millions of her own citizens due to her anti-Semitic ideology and incredible xenophobia against Quasi-Spirits, a race she considered inferior, repulsive and disgusting to the point it could be considered a near-mirror form of Adolf Hitler's hatred against Jews.

Since the initial appearances in the Neighboring World, White Queen has become a widely recognized symbol of evil and cruelty, easily being known for her sinister deception, aggressive totalitarism method of ruling her Region and nazi-ideology that inspired hatred for Quasi-Spirits that were inferior.

Official Description

No one wanted to expand their territory, since it was already exhausted enough ruling their own respective regions. Only in the Tenth Region Malkuth there was a period where they tried expanding territory to fuel the desire to fight. However, since Doll Master became Dominion, the expansion of the region has completely stopped. Even with the most troublesome Dominions being satisfied with their lots, there was still a sense of unease. The never before seen in the change of the Dominion of the Third Region Binah──was beginning to stir up trouble. And the means were not through simple violence like the Tenth Region Malkuth. But rather it was some sort of conspiracy spreading around. This sort of Dominion was never imagined before in the past, or possibly this issue would have been dismissed as an absurd problem. However, the White Queen persisted in carrying out this practice. Manipulating the Empty girls and using them as chess pieces──to invade other regions to expand her territory. In the Neighboring World, this was already the equivalent to a terrorist attack.
~ The Narrator about White Queen's terrorism.


This alone made Tokisaki Kurumi’s head feel overburden to the point of wanting to collapse. The impression of the girl in front of was──white, white, white. She appeared like an Empty──but there was one crucial difference. Her appearance was exactly the same as Tokisaki Kurumi. The left eye was a light blue clock. She was holding a saber in one hand. There were minuscule components included on the blade that made it resemble a precise machine.
~ White Queen's first appearance.
White Queen was an Inverse Spirit of Kurumi Tokisaki, therefore she was similar to Kurumi Tokisaki in physical appearance as a whole. White Queen has ivory skin and long, white hair usually tied in long twin tails. Her right eye is red-tinted while her left eye appears as a blue, empty like if it was dead.

Unlike Kurumi Tokisaki's Astral dress that is more similar to a gothic lolita's style, White Queen is total opposite of her original counterpart and is more reserved about her skin. She wears a white navy military hat and a long military dress with a cleavage cutout that is also customized with epaulettes which was seen in soldiers from the Imperial era (1600s - 1800s) of French.

Just like Kurumi, her height is stated to be 160cm, and her three sizes are B85/W59/H87. Nothing much is different from the real Kurumi Tokisaki, who is stated to be a darker version of the White Queen while she represents the "light" side of Kurumi Tokisaki.


For Quasi-Spirits, an Empty was both an individual and not an individual. They had little emotions left and had no fear of disappearing. If passed by, they were either ignored or treated violently and harshly just like with Momozono Mayuka in the Ninth Region Yesod. However, the White Queen was even worse. She didn’t bat an eyelash sublimating the Empties to repeated experiments that distorted them into grotesque forms. No, Kurumi II reminiscent that whenever an experiment was successful, she would lightly sneer look and say that it was step closer to her goal. A smile where evil gradually gathered, it was enough to be convinced that the White Queen was a completely different creature from herself.
~ Narrator, Volume 3.


Listen well me. The White Queen is a monster that seriously intends to destroy the Neighboring World. And also.... this is my speculation... She is Tokisaki Kurumi’s inverse, a being that is absolutely incompatible with us. I'm not quite sure either. However it is a literal reversal──an entity whose attributes, character, disposition, nature, and ability are all the polar opposite of life. A broken existence that will bring about ultimate destruction.
~ Kurumi II about White Queen's true identity.

Powers and Abilities

Like any Inverse Spirit, White Queen had the inverse powers of Kurumi Tokisaki but shared some similarities with her original counterpart that was already stated to be the most dangerous and powerful Spirit in her Normal Form.

  • Demon King: Lucifugus (aka Lunatic Emperor)
  • Weapon: Astronomical clock, saber, gun (pistol)
  • Inverse Astral Dress: Unknown
  • Special Attributes: Each of her equipaments possess special and unique bullets that can cause different effects on the subject depending on the bullet she is using. For example, a few abilities of Lucifugus, such as Sartan and Betulah, are activated using the saber, while other abilities by shooting her bullets. Each equipament carries a different type of bullet with unique effects.






List of Victims



  • White Queen was based in the the actual White Queen from Lewis Carroll's fantasy novel Through the Looking-Glass. While the White Queen was a genuine good person in the novels, the White Queen from Date A Live adaptation was considered the most evil version of the fictional character to exist so far in Japanese media. The White Queen is the exact opposite of her sister, The Red Queen and she is claimed as the ruler of Marmoreal. In Date A Live, the Red Queen is in fact the original Kurumi Tokisaki, who is portrayed as a ruthless yet heroic character who is trying to save the Neighboring World of the White Queen, subverting the roles of both Red and White Queen as villains.
  • The White Queen is the first notable Inverse Spirit to have a bigger and more important roles than the rest of the Inverse Spirits' characters that usually have less importants roles in the story for being so powerful. As such, the White Queen is so far the most important Kurumi clone to exist so far in the franchise, having more screen time and importance to the story as a whole.
  • White Queen's Demon King Bullets from Lucifugus are named after the 12 Zodiac Signs in Hebrew with each having a related power to its signs.
  • According to the Afterword of Date A Bullet Volume 2, Kōshi Tachibana was in charge of her design and the names for all of her bullets for being a direct entity related to Kurumi Tokisaki, his favorite character.
  • While White Queen didn't exist in the original timeline of the canon story, she is now seen as the spiritual successor of Isaac Westcott (and somewhat Mio Takamiya), the main antagonists of the story that passed way in the Volume 19, putting an end to their arcs. With Westcott and Mio dead, White Queen is the only and last active Big Bad in a Date A Live story to continue being the main antagonist of her respective spin-off.
  • Kurumi Tokisaki was notable for having issues with her mentallity but had total control over her mental illness. White Queen, on the other hand, suffers from three different types of personalities and she don't know how to control them.
  • While her Demon King is a direct pun of Lucifer's name, Lucifugus is also a little brown bat (Myotis lucifugus) that is a species of mouse-eared microbat found in North America. 
  • Much of White Queen's character was based in real life figures like:
    • Adolf Hitler of Nazi Germany that represents her anti-semitism beliefs towards Quasi Spirit, as well as extremely racists commentaries about the former race and aggressive militarism and totalitarian government that sought to conquer all other Dominions of the Neighboring World using war and fascist agendas.
    • Wu Zetian of China that represents her cold-blooded oppression against her enemies. Taking control of China after millennia of male rule, and steering the empire through a relatively stable period in its history, Wu could well be judged as a very successful leader. However, her time at the top was drenched in blood. She employed a secret police to find and murder potential opponents, and she had no qualms about attacking her own.
    • Ranavalona l of Madagascar that represents White Queen's brutality, slavery, cruelty and ruthless methods of dealing with her enemies as well tortures. Also known as “Mad Queen”, Ranavolana entered into the Madagascan royal family a commoner but fought off various claimants to the throne, and eventually ruled for over 30 years. Remembered for her fierce policies, such as banning Christianity, she led on the exceptionally harsh regime, characterized by forced labour practices and brutal executions. Cross, Ranavolana and the person were beheaded, boiled alive, or thrown into a ravine. Estimates say that up to 75% of the Madagascar population died during her reign, through war, diseases and by Ranavolana’s own orders.
  • After the release of Date A Bullet, many internet speculations pointed that White Queen was probably inspired by Altair, the main antagonist of the OVA Re: Creators, a female character that was all dressed in military uniform and had a similar ruthless, aloof and sophisticated personality.
  • Due to the maturity of the overall plot of the story, White Queen has been stated to be among the most evil villains in Date A Live in general, some Japanese readers even tried to compare her with Westcott thanks to her brutal method of ruling that has tortured millions, invaded whole Dominions, has been experimenting in countless other Kurumi clones and Spirits so she could cause the complete destruction of the Neighboring World, something similar that Westcott tried to do. 
    • In comparison, Westcott and White Queen are very similar to each other. In appearance, the two are described as pale fiigures with empty blue eyes and silver hair. However, while Westcott represents pure blackness, White Queen represents the light of evil, subverting the old saying that all darkness is evil and light is good. In truth, DAB has been trying to make darkness the good side and light the evil side to change the way how the original story treated Ratatoskr and Deus.Ex.Machina Industries as a simple fight between the old tale of good and evil.
    • The two villains are not above sacrificing their own subordinates for their own goals and expose their enemies to extreme R+18 brutalities like tortures and even sexual atrocities. Even more so, White Queen and Westcott are trying to seek the destruction of their respective worlds and want to reshape their worlds so they can rule it with iron fist. However, while Westcott only had his focus in the Human World, the White Queen tried to take both Neighboring and Human worlds to herself. In addition, the two were also moved by their twisted feelings of "love" for another person; Westcott was moved by his love for Mio Takamiya while White Queen was moved by her feelings for Shido Itsuka.
  • White Queen, unlike Kurumi, was skilled with both guns and swords.

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