The White Rangers are the overarching antagonists of Michael Blake's 2001 novel The Holy Road, the sequel to Dances with Wolves. They are a deadly band of rangers who slaughter Indians and are responsible for kidnapping Stands With A Fist.


As their name implies, they have white skin and they carry a heavy amount of weapons with them. The captain is described as gaunt with a black beard.


During the Red River War of 1874, they come into Indian territories to exterminate and are heavily armed with an endless amount of bullets. They hide very well in the eastern countries and are very hard to kill.

They arrive at a honey-eater village and pursue the Indians to a cut bank, where they kill half the warriors. The Tonkawa tribe led the rangers to the Comanches and Wind In His Hair's brother-in-law is killed. A band of Comanche warriors led by Heavy Runner comes to Wind In His Hair and they manage to escape, but not before receiving a shot.

After Smiles A Lot gets attacked by cannonballs fired by soldiers, Dances with Wolves offers Stands With A Fist to come with him and the kids, but she refuses and decides to stay to take care of her work. 36 rangers have been purusing the Comanches for days and are lost in the territory. They eventually find a village and the captain arranges his men for the attack.

They attack the village and Hunting For Something's sister, Red Dress tries to warn the village, but the rangers shoot her through her head. The rangers slaughter several of the villagers and shoot Horned Antelope through his shoulder. Stands With A Fist grabs her infant daughter, Stays Quiet and tries to escape on her pony, but a trio of rangers catches her and she accidentally falls off. She tries to run, but the rangers surround her. The captain orders the rangers to hold their fire and realizes that Stands With A Fist is white. The captain identifies her as Christine Gunther and she mutters her name, confirming her identity. Stands With A Fist cries and the rangers take Stays Quiet before handing her back. The rangers decide that she is one of their own and they burn the corpses of the villagers. They take her away to have her reunite with her original family and she thinks of taking one of the rangers' rifles to commit suicide, but she decides not to for her child.

Stands With A Fist is transported to a city called Jacksboro, where she is reunited with her family and she is struggling to adapt to her new environment. The Comanches and other tribes decide to go to war with the white men, but Dances with Wolves realizes that he can blend in with white society in order to rescue his wife ans child. His other children join him and notices a news article of Stands With A Fist. He asks the constable of Vernon where she is and he directs him to Jacksboro. They eventually arrive at Jacksboro and manage to reunite with Stands With A Fist and head back to the Comanche camp.

However, the Comanche tribe is still doomed, as Bad Hand leads his soldiers to follow the Indians and capture them. They attack the camp and kill some of the warriors, including Dances with Wolves. Bad Hand brings in the warriors and transports them to prison, while others are forced to live in white society.

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