The White Suits are a gang of ghouls who are known for their distinctive style and are antagonists of the dark fantasy manga series, Tokyo Ghoul:re. It's an organization comprised of members of the Aogiri Tree and is one of the currently known sub-factions and is lead by Aogiri Executives. Members have strong loyalties towards one another and their structure is based off of organized crime.


The exact date when the group was founded remains unknown but it was formed sometime in the years prior to the series. Originally, the White Suits were founded by Yakumo Oomori who gathered many ghouls to join the newly formed group such as Naki and the twin ghouls Gagi & Guge. Originally, the group was not official and it only had four members when they all became members of the Aogiri Tree, however two years after Yamori's death, Naki has taken control and he was successful in expanding the group into a full-blown criminal organization and now has welcomed in new members.

The White Suits are seen during the auction where many of them have been hired to be security guards at the event. Once the CCG bust in however, Naki gets overpowered and Gagi & Guge are forced to sacrifice themselves for his safety. In response, the remaining White Suits members all go on a rampage at the CCG Forces and suffer heavy losses as a result and are forced to withdraw. One night, five White Suits members were hired by Karren von Rosewald to find and kill Haise Sasaki and the Quinx Squad. Hooguro and Shousei are introduced and they attack the Quinx and Haise only to have all five be beaten by him and forcing them to retreat.


The White Suits is comprised of many strong and powerful ghouls who fill the ranks of the organization. Its members and very strong as they are able to take on multiple opponents at once with relative ease and can just braw. This is shown by Gagi and Guge who often use hand-to-hand combat as their main fighting tactic. The group's strength is also seen where they were able to kill numerous ghoul investigators during the Auction Raid following the deaths of Gagi and Guge and killed several squad members of Isa's Squad as well.

Notable Members

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