Alanna Mitsopolis, also known as the White Widow, is the secondary antagonist of the 2018 blockbuster action-thriller film Mission: Impossible - Fallout. She is the daughter of the philanthropist Max, and a powerful arms dealer who uses her social connections to get away with everything.

She was portrayed by Vanessa Kirby.


Early life

Alanna is the daughter of the philanthropic businesswoman named Max Mitsopolis who appeared in the first film, and she also has an overprotective brother named Zola. After her death, Alanna and Zola inherited Max's business, and also created a mercenary network, with the hitmen following them everywhere they go. The two also agreed with their mother's philanthropic thoughts, and decided to continue that.


During a concert where Alanna would supposedly have a meeting with the terrorist John Lark, the Lark decoy is killed by Ilsa Faust, forcing Hunt to pretend to be Lark himself in order to get information about the deal. When Hunt first confronts her, she says that he doesn't look like she imagined Lark to look like. Hunt explains to her that people in the concert are out to kill them. He kills a few of assassins, with Alanna stabbing and killing two as well. Taking Hunt to her and Zola's home to deal, she shows her hit squad and finishes the deal, Hunt gets to talk with Lane, in exchange for the plutonium cores. To prove that he truly is Lark, Hunt has to kill a bunch of innocent police officers for them, although he eventually finds a way to avoid it.

Later in the film, it is revealed that both Alanna and Zola were secretly working for the CIA, and it is unknown whether or not they will reappear in the next instalment as protagonists. Alanna will return in the next two installments.


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