It's foolish not to do as Father asks.
~ Whitley, talks about Jacques to Weiss
I’ll have you know I didn’t stop growing while you were away at Beacon.
~ Whitley to Weiss.
Don't worry, Weiss. The Schnee family name is in good hands.
~ Whitley to Weiss.

Whitley Schnee is a major antagonist in the American cartoon webseries RWBY. He is the youngest child of the Schnee family, the younger brother of both Winter and Weiss Schnee, and the current heir to the Schnee Dust Company after he usurped the approval of his father Jacques Schnee by manipulating and pushing Weiss to defy him.

He is voiced by Howard Wang.



Whitley is a member of the Schnee family, owners of one of the largest manufacturers of Dust in Remnant, the Schnee Dust Company. At some point in the past, Whitley saw his relationship with his eldest sister, Winter, get strained and saw Weiss head to Beacon Academy to become a Huntress.

Volume 4

Whitley is first seen in the Schnee home when his sister Weiss Schnee is on her way to speak with their father, Jacques Schnee. He affectionately notes that she is out of her room. He heard their father asked to speak with Weiss, and he wished to warn her that he heard their father shouting with a man in his study. He also informs Weiss that their mother most likely is drinking in the family garden. He compliments Weiss' strength by comparing her to their eldest sister, Winter Schnee. When Weiss notes his dislike for Winter, he affirms it, but adds that he admires Winter's resolve. Weiss tells Whitley he seems different, to which he says he grew a lot while she was away at Beacon Academy. Whitley bids Weiss good luck with their father, and she continues on her way.

Later he is present at the charity concert Weiss is singing at and the after-party, chatting with Jacques Schnee and the party guests. He does not say anything during the conversation, but unlike everyone else in the room smiles during Weiss' outburst.

Following the incident at the after-party, Weiss' status as heiress of the Schnee Dust Company was revoked to be passed onto Whitley. When Weiss confronts him about this, he states that it is foolish to go against their father and that the Schnee name is in good hands. When Weiss takes to training in her room, he taunts her further with the fact that he gets to leave the house and meet business partners. He refers to the abilities of Huntsmen as barbaric compared to leading an army.


At first, Whitley appears to have a positive and friendly attitude. He is supportive of Weiss, warning her that her father may be in a foul mood. He also compliments Weiss' strength, and her similarity to Winter in that regard. Though Weiss points out he does not have a good past relationship with Winter, Whitley talks about his eldest sister with respect, something that makes Weiss suspicious of his behavior.

However, Whitley's initial supportive behavior is simply a front, as his demeanor toward Weiss becomes more condescending and antagonistic after she receives the news that she had been disinherited. So far, he emulates his father's disdainful and superior attitude toward others.

When it comes to the roles of Huntsmen, Whitley sees them as barbaric, implying he has no training or any martial skill compared to his sisters.

When speaking, Whitley is expressive through his body movement, often moving several times and frequently shifting positions.

Powers and Abilities

Since the Glyph Semblance runs in the Schnee Family, it is likely that Whitley has the Semblance of Glyphs. However, given that Whitley sees Huntsmen as barbarians, it can be assumed he has no form of Aura training, nor any interest in developing his martial potential.


If being kind to my big sister is some sort of crime, then I suppose I'm guilty.
~ Whitley to Weiss.
Honestly, I find it barbaric. It's beneath people like me. Like Father. What can a single Huntsman possibly do that an army cannot?
~ Whitley, offering his opinion on Huntsmen.
What is your plan, anyway? What do you hope to accomplish while trapped in your own bedroom?
~ Whitley asking Weiss about purpose.



  • A popular theory among fans is that Whitley provided Cinder Fall with the design specs for Penny Polendina, as the Schnee Dust Company worked with the Atlas Military that developed her, Cinder refers to the ally as "our little friend", and the specs on Cinder's scroll are emblazoned with a cursive "W" in one of the top corners, however it was confirmed by Volume 5 that this was actually all Arthur Watts doing .
  • Whitley is a given name (Anglo-Saxon) meaning "white meadow", from "white" and "lea" (clearing, meadow, field).
  • His last name means "snow" in German.
  • In the Japanese dubbed version, Whitley is voiced by Marina Inoue, who also voiced Dark Tohka in Date A Live and Emerald Sustrai in the Japanese dub of RWBY.


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