Wicker Rattan is the main antagonist of the Veggietales franchise, Minnesota Cuke and the Search for Noah's Umbrella. He is the evil twin of Professor Rattan.


Minnesota Cuke and Julia are finding clues to find Professor Rattan (Reedeemed) for his help to find Noah's Umbrella. Wicker Rattan captured Julia and Professor Rattan. Wicker really wanted Noah's Umbrella for himself. They are headed for Turkey, because Noah's Ark is there. Once they are there, Minnesota went there. In Noah's Ark, they went down the tunnels to find Noah's Umbrella. Minnesota founded it. Later, Wicker got arrested by the Mountain rangers.


Wicker Rattan is very identical to his twin, Professor Rattan, except, Wicker has red curly hair. He also wears the same attire with his twin. They both appeared as Mr. Lunt, who is a gourd.


Wicker Rattan shares similar personality with Professor Rattan as they both planned to steal something from Minnesota.


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