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Widowmaker is one of the player controlled villains in Survival Mode DLC for the controversial indie game Hatred.


The woman known only as Widowmaker was mistreated throughout her life and considered an outcast. She developed a sadistic personality and desired to one day take revenge on those who mistreated her. She was away from New York when The Crusader destroyed it with a nuclear explosion. She idolized him for killing all her enemies. Joining the Psychocop and the Recidivist, she goes on a murderous rampage to kill as many people as possible before being killed herself as a way of paying homage to her idol by continuing his violent ways.


Widowmaker is very misanthropic due to mistreatment she endured throughout her life. She idolizes the Crusader for killing all of her enemies. As a result, she has a desire to honor him by ending as much life as possible before being killed herself. She is noted in her in-game character biography to be sadistic, which is not mentioned in her allies biographies, suggesting that she enjoys death and killing the most out of the three.

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