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Wig Lady

I just love paralysis, it means I can eat you slowly...
~ Wig Lady

Wig Lady was the chief antagonist of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode "Doublemeat Palace" and was the main reason that Buffy mistakenly believed her employers were serving their customers human meat due to the disappearance of varied staff. In reality the establishment was completely innocent and the true culprit was this seemingly elderly woman with a dark secret.


Wig Lady was the nickname of a seemingly elderly woman that frequented the diner Doublemeat Palace to order cherry pie - which she was very fond of. Unfortunately for the staff at the diner she was also secretly a monstrous worm-like demon in disguise and in addition to her fondness to pie she had an appetite for the flesh of fast-food workers and began spiriting off staff to satisfy her hunger.

Buffy Summers was forced into working at this diner at some point to make money and she began to get suspicious about the disappearance of staff. Buffy suspicions became somewhat psychotic and she became convinced that Doublemeat Palace was killing its staff and feeding them to customers (this was not the first time Buffy has become a victim of her own paranoia).

However Wig Lady soon revealed herself to Buffy, paralysing her and prepared to devour her only to be killed by Willow, who had arrived to inform Buffy that the meat served at the diner was not human at all but processed vegetables. When Willow noticed the demon she managed to sneak up behind her and cut off the worm-like extension found on the monster's scalp before killing it via use of a meat grinder.


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