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Hello Hannah, Let's be Pally-Wals. Don't you want to tickle my tumsy-wumsy?
~ Wiggly

Wiggly is the main antagonist of Starkid's Horror Comedy Musical, "Black Friday". He is a Satanic being who resides in an alternate dimension called The Black and White. His goal is to destroy the multiverse and remake it in his image. He was voiced by John Matteson.


Wiggly's minion, Uncle Wiley, advertised a doll called Tickle-Me Wiggly to the world. the doll was to be released on Black Friday. Parents were desperate to buy the doll for their children, though they had no idea why.

When the doll is put on sale, the citizens of Hatchetfield started to kill each other to take the doll. Uncle Wiley approached Linda, and recruited her to be Wiggly's "mother", meaning that she would birth Wiggly from his dimension into the world. Linda started the Cult of Wiggly, whose mission was to find the last Wiggly Doll.

The President off the United States went into The Black and White to confront Wiggly. There, Wiggly revealed his plans to remake the world in his own image. He explained that he used America's capitalist obsession with products to cause the mania over the doll. The President shot a nuclear bomb into The Black and White to kill Wiggly. However, Wiggy sent the bomb to Moscow, thereby starting World War III.

Linda and the Cult kidnapped Hannah Foster, thinking she had the doll. When it was revealed that she didn't, they wanted to kill her, however, Lex Foster brought the doll. Linda managed to take the doll, but was shot by Brenda before she could birth Wiggly. The heroes burned down the mall which destroyed the Wiggly Doll and killed the cult. However, at the end, a Russian Bomb destroyed Hatchetfield.


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