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Ach, joy-boy, try to keep that one alive long enough for me to destroy her! Just like I did her grandmutter!
~ Wigman Wildebeest towards King Julien, threatening to kill Clover in the tournament just like he did to Grandma Rose.

Wigman Wildebeest (pronounced: Vigman Wildebeest) is a minor yet pivotal antagonist in All Hail King Julien. He is an evil and brutish back-alley brawler who is responsible for the murder of Grandma Rose, Clover's grandmother. He is also Clover's most personal enemy.

He was voiced by Jeff Bennett in a German accent.


Wigman only appears alive as the secondary antagonist in the Season 3 episode "Eye of the Clover". He is one of the participants in the Tournament of the Doomed (set up by Uncle King Julien XII), a series of death battles where the winner gets total respect. When Clover sees him there for the first time, she becomes totally traumatized and is rendered incapable of fighting. It is revealed in a flashback by Masikura that Wigman killed Grandma Rose in a back-alley brawl, with Clover and Crimson watching.

Wigman feels ready to vanquish Clover just the same until Clover is reawakened from her catatonic state. She then proceeds to give Wigman the beating of a lifetime. He then falls to his death as penalty for losing the match. He is later shown to be in the afterlife, with Grandma Rose demanding a rematch as the episode ends.

He later appears as a ghost on "For Whom the Bell Gods Toll", "The Day Before Tomorrow", and "The End is Here", along with the others that King Julien "killed".


Wigman speaks with a German accent and is built tough. He can jump high distances and effortlessly toss around his opponents. He is large and resembles a bodybuilder.


Wigman is an absolute sadist. He mercilessly brutalized Mort when all he did was ask where the bathroom is and mocked Clover for the death of her grandmother as they did battle. He also didn't seem to care that she was clearly unwell, meaning he's not above fighting dirty.


  • It's unknown how Wigman Wildebeest ended up in Madagascar, as wildebeests are native to the mainland in Africa.
    • A possible explanation could be that Wigman was caught in a similar situation as Alex, Marty, Melman, and Gloria, although it is unknown whether his presence on Madagascar was by human intervention, or that he made his own way to the island, or if he even ended up on Madagascar by accident.
  • His name is often mispronounced as Wigman Wildebeest with a W, and this caused him to fly into a small rage each time it was mispronounced.
  • Wigman Wildebeest has a German accent. This is evidenced by his pronunciation of Wigman Wildebeest with a V, as Ws are pronounced with a V sound then a W sound in Germany.
  • Unlike King Julien's other enemies, Wigman Wildebeest never set out wanting to destroy Julien it his kingdom. He actually set out to defeat Clover, but ended up nearly killing Julien as well. Whilst he is shown in Whom the Bell Gods Toll as someone for whose death Julien is responsible, he was actually never killed by Julien directly. It was arguably an accident that the pit in the center of the ring opened, causing him to fall to his death, after Clover won the tournament.
  • Wigman Wildebeest is one of the few antagonists in the show and the Madagascar franchise to be killed off, the others are Koto, Karen, Doc Sugarfoot, Butterfly Queen, Captain Ethan, and Magic Steve.
  • Though he is a minor antagonist in All Hail King Julien, he is still pivotal to the show as he is a personal enemy because he killed her Grandmother. At first, Clover was frozen in fear when he saw him and could not fight him, but she soon got over her fear, and fought him once more.
  • Even Crimson, who shares a personal sibling rivalry with her twin sister, Clover, hated Wigman Wildebeest for killing her grandmother, thus she puts aside her personal grudge against her sister to help come to her senses and defeat him in the tournament.
  • It is unknown about the true relationship between Wigman Wildebeest and King Julien XII, but Wigman may have taken orders from him during the tournament as he was the one who set up the tournament in the first place. For Uncle King Julien's sake, he wanted to kill Clover so she does not keep interfering with his plans to take back the throne from his nephew, King Julien XIII. For Wigman, he wanted to have the pleasure to kill Clover like he did to Grandma Rose. This also the main reason why Crimson ended her alliance with Uncle King Julien, as Grandma Rose was her grandmother also and wanted revenge against Wigman for killing her, thus putting aside her sibling rivalry with Clover to help her defeat Wigman.
  • Despite his dark sense of humor and some comedic tendencies, Wigman is slightly one of the most evil antagonists of the show and the entire Madagascar franchise, due to murdering Grandma Rose brutally and plans to do the same to Clover and King Julien XIII. He even sadistically beat up Mort. And when he died, he finally got what he deserves in the afterlife and goes into a rematch with Grandma Rose. It is possible he finally redeems himself when he was seen with the other deceased characters in "Exiled" and Season 5. He was seen dancing with the other deceased characters at the end of the series. Therefore, he is not pure evil as he does have some redeemable qualities deep down his brutish, murderous, and sadistic nature when he was alive. He could had have a traumatizing life that led up to him becoming a brutish fighter that he is.


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