Wilce is an antagonist in the Redwall book Marlfox by Brian Jacques.


Wilce was a water rat and lowly in the troops of Castle Marl before she was appointed by the evil Lantur to plot to kill Lantur's own mother, Queen Silth. Lantur wanted to become Queen in her mother's place and she got Wilce to make a puppet of a ghostly badger lord who would haunt her mother, drive her crazy, and eventually make her die of stress and fear.

This plan was very successful, and Silth eventually succumbed and died. Lantur immediately took over, having, in fact, poisoned her mother, and Wilce immediately celebrated with Ullig, drinking and flirting the night away. Wilce is implied to have had a crush on Ullig as she told him her deepest secrets and plotted with him.


Wilce appears throughout the book at Castle Marl assisting Lantur with the assassination of Silth. When Lantur comes into power and Mokkan comes home, Wilce sides with Mokkan suddenly when Mokkan kills Lantur.

Now in the new position of power, Wilce and fellow water rat captain Ullig bully the slaves worse than ever and they drive them to greater toil then before. Wilce keeps up her infatuation with Ullig throughout, flirting with him and plotting whenever possible.

When Dannflour Reguba and his friends arrive to reclaim the Tapestry of Redwall, they orchestrate a slave revolt. In the chaos, Wilce cowers to Ullig for protection and they attempt to flee, only to be hemmed in by angry slaves, who beat Wilce and Ullig to death. Wilce's death scream causes a lull in the fighting and ends the battle.


Wilce was a greedy, lustful, sneaky, cowardly water rat who was eager to switch sides if the situation called for it. She was a true coward; she liked getting the upper hand in numerous situations. It is possible the only real person she cared about was her boss (and possibly lover) Ullig. She would do anything to save her skin and his when at the same time watching other creatures suffer and taking glee at it.

A sadist, she liked seeing others in pain - given how she deprived her slaves of rations for three weeks - as long as it befitted her and kept her and Ullig safe. She was a unique villain in the world of Redwall, given her capacity to feel some romantic love (while other villains in Redwall were capable of feeling the love - such as Swartt and a few others - they were usually just simple father-son relationships and even these were quickly discarded, and Wilce was one of the few who was implied to feel actual romantic love) and also because she almost succeeded in her plans, most other villains were doomed to failure from the start - for instance, she hastily came over to Mokkan's side as soon as he killed his sister. However, Wilce's lust would get her doom.


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