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The Wildebeests are a group of Kazar's former henchmen in the 2006 Disney CGI film The Wild.


The wildebeests first appear when they, along with a koala named Nigel, were walking into the volcano as they sang a song called "I'm Having a Really Nice Day" along with Blag. After they were singing, their leader, Kazar meets Nigel the Koala. After Kazar meets Nigel, the other wildebeests then put their heads down when they prepare to attack.

They appear again as Blag manages to kidnap Ryan, while the other wildebeests push Samson off a cliff trying to get him killed but luckily Samson survived.

They appeared again when they prepare for the protagonists to die as they were moving with their feet along with Kazar and Blag and then they attack Samson.

As Kazar tells Blag and the other wildebeests to attack the protagonists, Blag told his boss, Kazar that they were tired of being predators and Blag said that he, along with the other wildebeests that they were tired of their boss, Kazar as they all reformed and then betrayed Kazar and then leave him behind in the volcano so that he could die and then they escaped on the boat.

Blag and the other wildebeests were last seen on the ship as they danced on the ship as the zoo animals join in.


Some of the Wildebeests are gray and some of them are brown.


  • Kazar (former leader)
  • Blag
  • Numerous unnamed wildebeests


  • They were voiced by Nolan North, Keith Anthony, Jess Harnell, Jason Connery, Jack Angel, Paul Eiding, Robert Clotworthy, Eddie Frierson, Greg Berg, David Cowgill, Fred Tatasciore, John Kassir, Paul Pape, Bob Bergen, Pat Fraley, Philip Proctor, the late Michael Lindsay, Jason Harris Katz, and Danny Mann.


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