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Either you're out of my way or you're out of luck.
~ Wildrider's motto

Wildrider is a minor antagonist in the Transformers franchise, especially Generation One. He is a member of the Stunticons.



Wildrider and the other Stunticons were introduced in the two-part story "The Key to Vector Sigma", when Megatron decided to create a unit of ground-based Decepticons to match the Autobots' mastery of the road. Their first assignment was to steal a new type of fuel and put the blame on the Autobots, but they were quickly defeated by the Aerialbots.

Wildrider continued to appear among Megatron's troops, usually operating with the other Stunticons. In "Masquerade", while stealing the components for Megatron's new super weapon, Wildrider was taken down by Hoist and imprisoned with the other Stunticons. The Autobots impersonated them to get close to Megatron, with Windcharger taking on Wildrider's identity. Wildrider and the others escaped but too late to stop the Autobots sabotaging the weapon.

After the events of the movie, Wildrider was among the Decepticons who went into exile on Chaar. In "The Burden Hardest to Bear", he and Dead End managed to ambush Rodimus Prime and steal the Creation Matrix, temporarily turning him back into Hot Rod. He was last seen in "The Return of Optimus Prime" among those infected with the Hate Plague and he was among the infected Transformers arrived at Metroplex tried to destroy Optimus Prime and was cured by the Matrix of Leadership.

He was voiced by Terry McGovern, who also voiced Onslaught in "Five Faces of Darkness" and George Maxwell and Allen Hale in Clock Tower II: The Struggle Within.

Marvel Comics

Wildrider was first seen in the UK-exclusive story "Second Generation" as part of a vision of the future of the Transformers race. This prompted Shockwave to begin construction of the Stunticons. They were brought online by Megatron in US #22, where they were sent out to wreck the Autobots' recent good publicity by causing havoc on the freeway and then pretending to be working with the Autobot Skids.

Wildrider wasn't seen again in the US comic until Issue #41, where he took part in the assault on the Autobots on the moon, fighting against Grapple. He was last seen during the Underbase Saga, among the Decepticons running a holiday resort as cover for their search for the Underbase, so may have been among those deactivated by the Underbase-powered Starscream.

The post-movie version of the character appeared in "Space Pirates" among the Decepticons taken by Soundwave to attack the Autobot base only to be ambushed by the Quintessons.

In Marvel UK's Earthforce storyline, Wildrider was a part of Megatron's Decepticon faction. In his last appearance, "Secrets", Soundwave framed him for feeding information to Shockwave and he was killed by Megatron.


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