Wilfred Tipton is a behind the scenes character in The Suite Life of Zack & Cody and The Suite Life on Deck. He is the father of London Tipton and the founder of Tipton Industries.

Mr. Tipton runs various businesses such as a hotel in Boston and owns a ship that provides a high school education for students at sea. He is mentioned to have no sense of conscience or friends. This is where London, gets her personality from her father.

Role in the series

Mr. Tipton runs the hotel and various other industries Mostly the Suite life series, you only see when he is in front of his bodyguards or entourage. He only really appears in one episode of the Suite Life On Deck, he is referenced by several mentions from the characters and London is often seen calling him on her phone. He wasn't around much for London's life (namely her childhood), but in the original series, he does make an "appearance" at London's birthday but was surrounded by bodyguards.

Several crimes he has committed in the series often result in some kind of trouble for the characters. An example would be that he had all the trees cut down on Parrot Island, which resulted in the parrots leaving the island and London was arrested for being related to him.

His first and only true appearance in the entire series was during the "Twister" storyline, in which after a tornado destroys much of Kettlecorn, the home to London's best friend Bailey Pickett, Cody decides to call Mr. Tipton to who say's he intends to buy the land and make the area a plastic bag factory. London sides with her father, but after seeing her friends are angry at her, London turns against her father, blackmailing him unless he leaves the Pickett family alone. Or she will spill about his money laundering operation and payoffs. He leaves and admits he is impressed by London's blackmail.

Some of his worst traits include the fact that he doesn't care about the ecosystem, and he also hunts puppies. In addition, he also requests dictatorship.

London Tipton is more like her father, is the main reason why London became a minor antagonist on the show.

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