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Put the card in. Ok, press this. I do not understand this!
~ Wilhelm's only words in the entire series.
He's pretty sharp when it comes to technology. The airship's doors are just notoriously finnicky.
~ Wilhem's first bio.
He may struggle with technology, but when it comes to action and combat he excells.
~ Wilhem's second bio.
He's been a Toppat member for over 40 years. His English has improved throughout the years, but he still has an accent.
~ Wilhelm's third bio.

Wilhelm Krieghaus is a reccuring minor antagonist in the Henry Stickmin video game series.

He serves as a minor antagonist in Infiltrating the Airship and Completing the Mission, and an optional protagonist villain in Fleeing the Complex.

He's a member of the Toppat Clan for over 40 years. He's not English, but he is good at the language, even if he still has an accent. He's sharp at technology and he excells at action and combat.



Not much is known about Wilhelm besides the fact that he joined the Toppat Clan over 40 years ago. Although it's unknown which year the games take place, it should be somewhere in the 2010's due to the various references, so he joined it in the 1970's. He's not English, but he is slowly learning the language and improving.

Infiltrating the Airship

Wilhelm appears only during the Government Supported Private Investigator route.

In this route, Henry Stickmin makes his way through the Toppat Clan's airship with some help from his friend Charles Calvin. He eventually encounters Wilhelm, who is struggling with opening a door. Charles remotely melts Wilhelm's bones, reducing the Toppat to a pile of flesh. Henry takes Wilhem's keycard and opens the door. By the end of the route, Henry has the evidence the Government needs to imprison the airship division of the Toppat Clan, including the leader.

Fleeing the Complex

Wilhelm only appears during The Betrayed route. The Betrayed ending follows the Rapidly Promoted Executive ending from the previous game, where Henry becomes the Toppat Leader.

Continuing, Henry decides to call the Toppat Clan for help so he can escape The Wall, the complex he's imprisoned him. The previous leader-turned-right hand man, Reginald Copperbottom, sends a escape pod crashing straight into The Wall. Three Toppats come out of the escape pod: Sureshot Sherman (the one in charge of the rescue mission), Ahnoldt Schwarz and Wilhelm himself.

Wilhelm and Sherman attack the guards while Ahnoldt tells Henry that they can help him get on the airship and escape the complex. Henry decides to pick the scooter. It's unknown if Wilhelm survived the gunfight or was killed , but it doesn't matter, as Henry died anyways: Reginald decided to kill Henry to regain his position as the Toppat leader.

Completing the Mission

Valiant Hero

This ending follows the Government Supported Private Investigator and Presumed Dead endings from the previous two games.

Wilhelm makes a cameo in the begginning cutscene: He, Mr. Villain and the Gremlin successfully steal a safe with money by getting beamed up into the Toppat Clan's rocket (It gets explained in the endings that don't have Wilhelm in them), escaping from Charles. At the end of the route, the rocket explodes, and it's unknown if Wilhelm succeeded to escape before the explosion or failed and was killed.

This ending follows the Government Supported Private Investigator ending, so it's unknown how Wilhelm managed to recover and escape imprisonment.

Jewel Baron

This ending follows the Pure-Blooded Thief and Ghost Inmate endings from the previous two games.

Henry decides to steal the Norwegian Emerald from the Toppats. Mere seconds after getting it, Henry enters the Orion Lounge, where he encounters Wilhelm and the Right Hand Man who were just discussing something (Wilhelm was having a sandwich). The two point their guns at Henry and RHM alarms Reginald that they found the intruder they were alarmed of. However, RHM also recognizes that the intruder, Henry, is the same guy who stole the Romanian Ruby. Reginald tells the two to kill Henry, and before the two can do it, Henry yells so loud it breaches the hull. Wilhelm gets sucked into space where he dies.

Toppat Civil Warfare

Wilhelm is briefly seen at the ending screen.


  • Wilhelm seems to be friends with the Right Hand Man.
  • Wilhelm's bios contradict eachother: One says he's sharp when it comes to technology, while the other says he struggles with it.
  • It's unknown how Wilhelm recovered in the Valiant Hero ending.
  • His first name is a reference to the Wilhelm scream.
  • It's possible that Wilhelm is German.