Things just seem to happen to people who don't drink Wilkins.
~ Wilkins after 2 of the times he attacks Wontkins
Strange things happen to people who don't drink Wilkins.
~ A variant of the above after Wilkins drops the Washington Monument on Wontkins

Wilkins is the titular protagonist of a series of commercials advertising Wilkin's Coffee.

Role in the Commercials

Wilkins loves to drink Wilkin's Coffee, which he strongly promotes. He was a perpetually smiling frog-like creature who was accompanied by Wontkins, his more dour counterpart. Throughout the series of commercials, Wilkins tries to offer Wontkins a cup of Wilkin's Coffee, which he grumpily rebuffs. In retaliation, Wilkins would either maim, assault, or kill Wontkins; there are a few moments in which Wontkins would admit that he did like Wilkins' Coffee.

Wilkins' name is a pun on the word "will," while Wontkins' name is a pun on "won't" meaning that they either would drink the coffee, or they won't. If you don't drink Wilkin's Coffee, it's expected for something bad to happen to you. However, what happens to Wontkins tends to change in each episode. If he were to say that he didn't like coffee, something bad would happen to him. At this point, Wontkins would try to outsmart Wilkins by professing his love for Wilkin's Coffee. Wilkins, however, would usually see through this facade, and he pummels him anyway. Alternatively, nothing would happen to Wontkins, or he could successfully outsmart Wilkins.


Wilkins: We're here to persuade people to drink more Wilkins Coffee.
Wontkins: What's the club for?
Wilkins: (whacks Wontkins with the club) To get their attention.
~ Wilkins' attempt to persuade people
Wontkins: I've got five aces. Can you beat that?
Wilkins: I've got a can of Wilkins Coffee. (shoots Wontkins with a gun) Nothing beats Wilkins
~ Wilkins playing cards with Wontkins
I love these Wilkins Coffee commercials, don't you?
~ Wilkins showing self-awareness


  • Jim Henson served as the puppeteer and voice actor for Wilkins.
  • Despite his similar appearance and contrary to rumor, Wilkins is not an early incarnation of Kermit the Frog. Kermit was the first puppet built of the two, and appeared side by side with Wilkins in early promotional images of the Muppets.


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