Bring the cancer.
When you hear this in the club, you’re gonna free sh*t up. You’re gonna free sh*t, you’re gonna puke up your guts, because this song really sucks. When i’m outside the club, i’m flashin’ my muff. I’m flashin’ my muff, Makin’ cameras blow up.
~ Britney Spears

{{Partners in Crime full names = William James Adam Jr. Britney Jean Spears |alias = Douchebag (on Crazy B*tch (on Britney) |origin = Scream and Shout parody |occupation = Singers |powers/skills = Singing Master oration (
Drug possession (Britney) |hobbies =

-Mixing lyrics
-Raping robots


-Flashing her vagina.
-Doing hit and run while drinking.
-Taking drugs.
-Talking with British accent.
-Spending time with Iggy Azalea.

|goals = To become the worst singers (Scream and Shout failed). |crimes =



-Drug abuse
-Hit and run

|type of villains = Dimwitted Singers}} and Britney Spears are fictionalized characters from the parody video of their music video, Scream and Shout. In the parody of Scream and Shout by the YouTuber, Bart Baker. They does have some villanous acts, even Britney does in the parody of Pretty Girls along with Iggy Azalea. Despite only appearing in Scream and Shout's parody, Britney also appears in Pour It Up, by Rihanna, and her another music video featuring Iggy, Pretty Girls. was portrayed by Lou Draws, and Britney was portrayed by Bart Baker in Scream and Shout, Katie Lee Harper in Pour It Up, and Alex Farnham in Pretty Girls.

Villainous moments

Scream and Shout


Pretty Girls (Britney only)


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