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Will Wright is a game designer and co-founder of Maxis Software a game development company and creator of the "Sim City" and "The Sims" series, making his only debut on The Simpsons series in the game. He initially created the various Sims series, but apparently he was bankrupted after he created a flop called Sim Sandwich, after this, he took over the Bargain Bin level. His role in the Bargain Bin level is to destroy the old and long-forgotten games that people don't play anymore. He threatens to destroy old Simpsons games from the 8-bit era, thus killing old versions of the Simpsons themselves. Bart and Homer are chosen to save their old selves and defeat Will Wright alone. Wright makes a final appearance in the Game Over level as one of the icons God uses to defeat the Simpsons, while the family destroys his "Praystation."


Will Wright is a snobbish, gloative, mean individual who does not care about the damage he causes by destroying the old games, and even threatens to destroy the current Simpsons when a game better than theirs comes out. He seems to bear a grudge on EA Games (which, comically, is the same enterprise that helped to create the Simpsons game and his own games).

In-Game Quotes

"Nice design - Your pathing AI is pathetic." "How did you get so many points? That's MY turn to play!" "You Simpsons should stick to TV!" "You're not girls! So I'm not afraid of you!" "Stopping for non-essential collectibles during time puzzle! Not logical! Does not compute!" "This isn't right! Who put you up to this? Was it those jerks at EA? They hate me, you know. They're all JEALOUS of me! JEALOUS, I tell ya!"


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