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Willa Hart

Because I wanted to. I was bored. I did it because I could.
~ Willa Hart revealing her motive.

Willa Hart (also known as L0M1S) is the titular main villainess from "L0M1S", episode 1.09 of CSI: Cyber.

She was portrayed by Rachael Kathryn Bell.


Willa Hart is the 16-year-old daughter of Robert Hart, and she was first encountered by Avery Ryan and her crew after nine planes suffered a WiFi attack, with her phone being fingered in the attack. Willa made the claim that she was listening to music and playing Dots, but as the episode progressed, she was revealed as a villainous hacker known as "L0M1S".

Willa had been ransom hacking several victims, including U.S. Senator Carla Finnis and a woman named Chelsea, among many others. She would demand a hefty ransom in exchange for their deepest and darkest secrets being hidden, and she also enlisted a trio of collaborators to take a phone belonging to a woman named Rachel Carrington, which resulted in the trio accidentally killing her. Even after Willa received the ransoms, the villainess released the secrets anyway, revealing Chelsea's racy photos and putting them on a revenge porn site, and also outing Finnis (who was married with kids) as a lesbian.

L0M1S had been the "white whale" for Daniel Krumitz for years, and after being mocked by the villainous hacker, he resorted to hacking himself to find L0M1S' identity, which he later revealed as Willa. Avery and Krumitz returned to the Hart home and confronted Robert about his daughter's actions, with Robert denying everything and claiming she's a good girl. Willa later arrived home and was shown a pair of cuffs by Krumitz, and during interrogation, both Avery and Krumitz repeatedly asked why she would ruin the lives of so many people. In response, the evil Willa simply responded that she did what she did because she was bored and she could, while flashing a fiendish smirk on her face. As revealed at the end of the episode, Willa was not arrested for her crimes yet because she was 16, and sentencing guidelines prevent charging cyber-criminals who are under the age of 21 despite being a criminal.


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