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Breslin! Your time is up!
~ Willard Hobbes to Ray Breslin.
You're giving me a code for what? You expect from me to just let you go? Get out of here like a bird? (whistles) No. I don’t think so. (takes out the handkerchief) You’re here now. And you belong to me.
~ Hobbes meeting Ray Breslin for the first time.

Warden Willard Hobbes is one of the two main antagonists of in the 2013 film Escape Plan (alongside Lester Clark). He is the head warden of the Tomb prison facility ship, who is in the Pacific Ocean nearby of the Morrocoan beaches, and he is very likely to antagonize to Ray Breslin and Victor Mannheim which he failed to find who is known in his prison as "Emil Rottmahier" and he is very like to abuse his prisoners.

He was portrayed by Jim Caviezel, who also played Carroll Oerstadt from the 2006 sci-fi film Déjà Vu.


Hobbes is the warden of the Tomb, a large hidden prison located within a huge oil tanker far out to sea. He is a cold, menacing authority figure who cares little for the welfare of his inmates, and he enjoys seeing his prisoners being tortured and abused. Hobbes is unaware of the true identity of a man named Ray Breslin, whose job is to test the efficiency of prisons by escaping from them. Posing as an inmate named Anthony Portos, Breslin quickly learns that something isn't right and tries to convince Hobbes of who he really is, but Hobbes refuses to let him leave. From that moment on, Hobbes and his henchman, Drake, make Breslin's life in the Tomb a living hell.

Back in Hobbes' office, the warden speaks on the phone to an unknown party who reveals that Portos is actually the famed prison-escapee Ray Breslin. The speaker is revealed to be Lester Clark , Breslin's former boss, who tells Hobbes that he can keep Breslin in the prison for the rest of his life. Hobbes summons Breslin to his office and reveals that he now knows his true identity, and boasts that he designed his inescapable prison after reading Breslin's own published book about escaping prisons. However, with the help of a fellow inmate named Emil Rottmayer, Breslin concocts a plan to ultimately escape from the Tomb. During the climax, Hobbes prepares to prevent Breslin, Rottmayer and another inmate named Javed from escaping the Tomb and fatally shoots Javed. On top of the tanker, Rottmayer boards a helicopter that was summoned to him by his own people, then kills a large number of Hobbes' armed guards. After killing Drake, Breslin is picked up by the helicopter until Hobbes arrives and starts shooting at them. Breslin finally kills Hobbes by shooting at a group of oil barrels directly beneath him, blowing them up and incinerating him.


He is a very manipulative man. He’s also cruel and vicious that no one of the inmates is want to mess with, despite from Manheim and Breslin.


  • Rottmayer calls Hobbes "The Devil," ironic (and perhaps deliberate) since Caviezel famously played Jesus Christ in The Passion of the Christ.
  • Jim Caviezel previously appeared in The Count of Monte Cristo, where a large part of the plot involved planning an escape from a seemingly inescapable prison.



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