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Maybe Dunceby is dead, but I will be the one to achieve his goals!
~ Stenk to Frost

Willard Stenk is the secondary antagonist of Missing Link. He is a bounty hunter and Lord Piggot-Dunceby's partner in crime.

He was voiced by Timothy Olyphant, who also played Mickey Altieri in Scream 2, Thomas Gabriel in Live Free or Die Hard, and Agent 47 in Hitman.


Stenk is shown to be proud of his hunting career, finding sick pleasure in murdering living creatures, even if it's a human, showing a great sense of sadism and recklessness.








  • If one listens closely, Stenk almost sounds like Jack McBrayer but more deep voiced.
  • Despite being the secondary antagonist, Stenk had more scenes and did most of the work and was also shown to be more dangerous as well as being the final antagonist to die.
  • Stenk is the fourth Laika antagonist to die.


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