Maybe Dunceby is dead, but I will be the one to achieve his goals!
~ Stenk to Frost.

Willard Stenk is the secondary antagonist of Laika's 5th full-length animated feature film Missing Link. He is a bounty hunter and Lord Piggot-Dunceby's right-hand man.

He was voiced by Timothy Olyphant, who also played Mickey Altieri in Scream 2, Thomas Gabriel in Live Free or Die Hard, and Agent 47 in Hitman.


Stenk is shown to be proud of his hunting career, finding sick pleasure in murdering living creatures, even if it's a human, showing a great sense of sadism and recklessness.


According to Sir Lionel Frost, He killed every rare creature. He has hunted for the Sasquatch for 30 years or more. He sets off to track down Mr. Link and uncover if the Sasquatch he has been searching for is real. And if it is, he determines to capture him and kill for a prize.

He stumbles on Mr. Link and Susan the Sasquatch in a tavern in the Pacific Northwest. Stenk reveals his identity to his target, but fails to vanquish him, due to Susan's height and vigorous body. Stenk's companions are subdued, but Stenk himself flees and resumes to hunt down his prey in stealth.


Gotta get myself a grip here. That's better. Regretfully, Sir Lionel, turns out the job I've been hired to do ain't no fool's errand after all. (Sir Lionel Frost: Oh?) I've been paid a pretty sum to stop you and this creature from ever reaching civilized society. Quite a catch. I get to bag two legends in one day.
~ Willard Stenk to Sir Lionel Frost
(Stenk stands over Lionel, who is dangling from a ledge) It ain't about the paycheck anymore, now it's just a matter of shallow, self-centered pride. (Sir Lionel Frost: Careful, Stenk. You know what they say pride comes before.) Wait a minute, I know this. Is it Tuesday? (Sir Lionel pulls Stenk off the ledge)
~ Stenk last words before of his death


  • If one listens closely, Stenk almost sounds like Jack McBrayer but more deep voiced.
  • Despite being the secondary antagonist, Stenk did most of the work and was also shown to be more dangerous. He also served as the final antagonist to die.
  • Stenk is the fourth Laika antagonist to die.


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