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William is a recurring antagonist in Paradise P.D.. He is the mutated pet flying alligator of Robby and Delbert, who serves as the king of Twatemala. His is villainous for aiding his owners in their heinous war crimes as well as occasionally eating human beings.


William was created in a nuclear bombing of Paradise, which mutated him into an alligator with wings. He resigned on a newly formed island in the middle of Lake Paradise, which would soon be discovered by Robby and Delbert, who would claim the land as their own and make this alligator their pet in "Fallout". The alligator got on Robby's good side by viciously attacking Delbert for no reason. Robby loved him so much that he named him William and made him his pet, to which Robby would feed William hot dogs as rewards for attacking the people he doesn't like, mostly Delbert.

After Robby ran out of hot dogs to feed William, he and Delbert later declared war on Paradise to steal their hot dogs and Robby flew William over there to make his evil announcement to Paradise P.D.. The owner of all the hot dogs in Paradise was Dusty Marlow, who refused to give them up, so he was later attacked by William in battle.

Robby and Delbert would get into a huge fight over who got to be the leader of Twatemala, when Delbert got fed up with Robby's rules, but Robby refused to resign his crown. The two got into a wrestling match and Robby's crown fell off an landed on William's head, inadvertently making him the new king of Twatemala. Robby and Delbert officially stopped fighting and worshiped William as their new idol.

At the end of the episode, William flew into Dusty's apartment, where Dusty was being held hostage and about to get killed by Randall Crawford's polyp. William ate the polyp whole and busted open Dusty's fridge to empty out the hot dogs. Robby and Delbert came in and collected hot dogs, while singing a victory song about how William was their hero to Twatemala for winning the war on Paradise.

In "Ice Ice Babies", William joined Robby and Delbert in trying to get funding and a permit from a business executive to build a carnival. During this time, William ate Robby's ear.

Later in the episode, William flew by some kids playing at the carnival and ate them all whole, killing them. A carnival ride operated witnessed the entire thing, but seemingly didn't care about the casual slaughter.

In "How the Cookie Crumbles", William was part of the Hick family on Family Feud. Here, Dusty thought he was a giant snake.

In "Blind Drunk", William helped Robby and Delbert brew illegal moonshine on Twatemala during prohibition, which they later sold.


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