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I am agony.
~ William mocking Larson in Epilogue 7
I think the stuff in the compactor came from the Fazbear Entertainment Distribution Center and also from the site where the serial killer William Afton, the one notorious for wearing a rabbit costume, died. I don't believe in ghosts, but after what I just saw, I'm not so sure about anything anymore. I mean, from where I stood, I swore it looked like the Stitchwraith was an animatronic contraption - and there was some supernatural light coming out of it. Like, a ghost? Like the animatronic was haunted by ghosts. Maybe the ghosts were kids Afton killed? Or maybe it was Afton himself.
~ Detective Larson in Epilogue 6.

William Afton is the overarching antagonist of the Five Nights at Freddy's: Fazbear Frights anthology novel series.

He is serving as the unseen overarching antagonist of Epilogues 1, 2, 4, 5 and Fetch, the titular central character of The Man in Room 1280, the main antagonist of Epilogues 3, 6 and 7 and a posthumous antagonist in Epilogues 8-11.

He is yet another version of the serial killer William Afton, notorious for wearing a rabbit costume while committing his murders. While murdering children, one of his victims was Andrew, who, in a fit of rage, attached his soul to William to make sure he will never die. Being taken to Room 1280 of Heracles Hospital after a fire which horribly disfigured him, Afton was presumed dead as no one in the hospital could recognize him. Now known as the Man in Room 1280, he managed to make Andrew leave him alone years later, and then followed him straight into the Stitchwraith.

While the Stitchwraith was being destroyed, William managed to defeat both Jake and Andrew, and after that, created an abomination made from junk known as Afton's Amalgamation and possessed it, before dying shortly afterwards.


William Afton

Following a fire, William Afton is a horribly looking man, if he can even be called that anymore. His entire, charred skeleton is exposed, along with translucent skin that looked like most of its layers had burned off. Afton has functional organs, as his desiccated and blackened heart pumps, while his shriveled lungs expand and contract. His face is missing, with empty pits replacing his eyes. After returning in Epilogue 6, his bones started reforming so he can have rabbit ears and a claw.

Afton's Amalgamation

The Amalgamation is a man-shaped structure made out of items infected by Andrew. It contained animatronic parts formed in a hayware-ish way, each part misplaced. It has two bunny ears and, like Afton, two gaping holes as eyes. It was nearly 15-feet tall, lacks any part of the Stitchwraith, ejecting it out of its own body, and contains the limbs and circuitry of three animatronics, in a disorganized fashion. They were later confirmed to be the Fazbear Gang, them still singing. It had animal corpses on it.


This version of Afton is shown to be particularly sadistic, being driven by "a never-ending need to inflict pain". This is further solidified by him making the Stitchwraith kill everyone he touches and attempting to stop Andrew and Jake from ascending into the afterlife, even though these actions don't bring him any direct benefit. He also has an obsession with rabbits, dressing in a rabbit suit when committing his murders and providing the amalgamation he creates with rabbit ears made out of robotic parts.

Afton also pretends to be stronger than he really is; During Epilogue 7, his soul was barely clinging onto reality, but he makes himself look like a powerful creature. However, in his final moments, he shows signs of weakness. When Eleanor escapes his Amalgamation, Afton looks at her pleadingly. Epilogue 10 revealed that Eleanor was actually the true force powering the Amalgamation, so it's likely he was begging her to not leave him alone and powerless, and possibly even to die.



Like most versions, William Afton was a serial child murderer notorious for wearing a rabbit costume. One of his victims was a child named Andrew. At some point in this continuity, William was exposed as a killer to the public, since people knew and remembered him as such in the present day.

Eventually, a place was set on fire, and William was horribly disfigured. The spirit of Andrew, in a fit of rage, attaches his soul to William so he will suffer, Andrew kept him alive and made him go through nightmares for years. William was sent to Room 1280 of Heracles Hospital. Despite this, no one recognized him due to the damage on his body. The staff at the hospital called him "the Man in Room 1280" while everyone believed William died in the fire.

The Man in Room 1280

Father Arthur Blyte goes to Heracles Hospital to see William, years after the fire. The nurses explain how he's in the hospital for years, and with no family reclaiming and no possibility to heal him from his wounds, they decided to unplug his life support, but Afton lived anyway. They also explain how Afton still shows brain activity, and, based on the REM signatures, he's experiencing horrific nightmares every time. The nurses are convinced there is evil inside this man, showing to Arthur a TAC where the lobes of the patient don't work together, as if two entities were living inside him. Arthur, however, refuses to believe them, saying there is good in every living creature. When Arthur is left with William alone, he tries to get over the repulse he feels for the condition of his body and he attempts to communicate with him. William, using the movement of one of his burnt fingers to reply, saying that he wants to go to the Fazbear Entertainment Distribution Center. Arthur, wanting to make his last wish coming true, tries to get permission to let Afton leave. The nurses, however, think something bad will happen if he would be released in the outside world, and they try to kill him with various methods (such as injecting morphine inside his veins, suffocating him with a pillow, and taking the air out of his lungs), but every time they are stopped by a shadow kid, Andrew.

At the end, Arthur is allowed to take William outside the hospital. When they arrive to the entrance of the Distribution Center, a series of buildings where toys and suits built by Fazbear Entertainment got delivered to their locations, William starts to convulse and he ends up literally exploding, finally dying. Arthur hears some footsteps and he understands Afton's death has released the malicious entity inside of him, Andrew, into the world. Andrew goes on to infect numerous toys in the center.

Becoming part of the Stitchwraith

After his physical death, William's soul followed Andrew's one, becoming part of the Stitchwraith. After awakening, it can be presumed that William took control of the Stitchwraith and killed the robot's creator, Phineas Taggart. It's implied that it's partially responsible for the Andrew-infected toys being evil.

Epilogue 4

The concept of a hitchhiker was proposed by Jake while trying to explain why everyone the Stitchwraith touches is killed. The hitchhiker, as explained in a future book, was William.

Epilogue 6

Detective Larson is in the lab of Phineas, and sees the Stitchwraith in person. The Stitchwraith, not caring about Larson's presence, starts sorting all the trash bag and throws a Foxy the Pirate into a trash compactor. Larson pulls out a gun after the robot is done sorting, and then it switches to the POV of the spirits inside the Stitchwraith: Jake is trying to let Larson live while Andrew tries to kill him. Jake, taking control of the body, throws it straight into the trash compactor to finally end it. Jake and Andrew try to escape the body and ascend, but Andrew is being hold by someone and Jake tries to help him and realizes that someone else was in the body all along, and Andrew realizes who the third soul is.

Suddenly, out of the junk, the shape of what appears to be a burned skeleton thrust upward. He looked like a creature straight from Hell itself. The creature takes shape, bones cracking, folding and reshaping into rabbit ears straight from the back of William Afton's skull. Jake tries to help Andrew, but William keeps holding his victim, vengeful. Jake went back into the endoskeleton and faced William in the compactor. William shifted his attention to Jake, the boy feeling like he was being mauled and pummeled by a force filled with the never-ending need to inflict pain. Jake knocked Andrew loose from William's hands. Andrew was sucked away and vanished, ascending to the afterlife. Jake, meanwhile, fell back into the junk and was engulfed with blackness.

Larson escaped to his sedan and left a recording saying that the Stitchwraith is dead, destroyed itself, and the stuff from the trash compactor came from the Fazbear Entertainment Distribution Center and the site where William Afton died. Despite not believing in ghosts, after what he just witnessed he wasn't sure about anything. Stopping the recording, he sighed, asking who will believe what he just said. Behind Larson, the compacted trash started moving, rustling so quiet he didn't hear, and rose from the trash compactor and began arranging itself into an upright being. It sucked all the remaining trash and debris in the factory, but rejected some of the waste. The vaguely man-shaped structure shuddered for a few second, and ejected a part of itself. A mutilated mass of robotic endoskeleton and crumpled fabric spewed through the air and landed several feet away. Parts that were rejected hit the concrete and laid still, while the rest of the trash from the compactor continue transfigurating out of animatronic body parts.

However, they weren't forming in any logical way. They were joining all haywire. Heads used as joints, arms as legs, legs as arms. A torso formed from hips, chest and belly of three animatronics, each part in the wrong place. Hands inserted at random all over the structure. Woven through all the misplaced pieces were wires and gears, creating a labyrinthine circulatory system and connecting hinges to gears and screws and nails to eyes, noses and mouths. With each additional piece clamping into place, the miscreation stood taller and taller until nearly fifteen feet tall. Looming over Larson, it leaned to the site and lifted a macabre head up to a neck made from shins. The head was made from animatronic parts, specifically fingers, toes, wires and hingers. Within those parts, two gaping black holes looked out at the world with pure malevolence. And from the top of the structure, two rabbit ears made from even more animatronic parts unfolded and canted forward.

The rabbit ears were aimed right at Detective Larson.

Epilogue 7

Larson heard the Amalgamation before seeing it, and was surprised that he didn't hear the creature before, the sounds being ear-splitting. Larson didn't even process what the Amalgamation was, and just ran away, leaving behind his sedan and garbage bag, which had some stuff from the fire site where William "died". However, he went back into the building, crouching next to a forklift. Afton's Amalgamation wasn't chasing him yet, deciding what form to take. Larson saw as the Stitchwraith climbed out of the trash compactor. Jake was so tired after his battle that he just wanted to sleep somewhere safe. But he couldn't, as the detective was still in trouble. Jake also knew he was in trouble. Against his will, the Stitchwraith's body was being dragged into the Amalgamation slowly, and Jake tried to save any parts he could from being sucked into the thing. However, something wanted to be dragged inside the thing. Jake saw as Eleanor was crawling away from the other rubbish. Jake said to Eleanor that he could save her, but she laughed and her crawl turned into disturbingly quick slither as she shot towards Jake and punched him. Eleanor's face stretched into a anything-but-friendly smile as her eyes glowed white. Eleanor's been pulling out the evil from the Amalgamation from Jake into herself, with the evil being stronger than the one inside the Amalgamation, like it was the core of what Jake sensed in the Andrew-infected items. Jake also realized that the evil he was battling was also inside him, and that while Afton hitched a ride in Andrew, he burrowed his way into Jake's soul. He was glad that Eleanor sucked out the evil out of him, and after finishing, Eleanor winked at Jake and flew backwards, straight into Afton's Amalgamation.

The Amalgamation started staring right at Larson and taking a step forward. Larson realized that it was Afton, with the creature's face even partially looking like the one of Afton's. Larson could escape into the building to the north, but he'd realize it would just get Afton closer to the nearby neighbourhoods, filled with children. Larson reminded himself of his deceased son Ryan, and how he said that that Larson isn't a superhero because they don't break promises. Larson decided to be Ryan's superhero by keeping his promise: protecting the city. He wouldn't run away, and he would stop Afton, but wondered how until the Amalgamation turned away and went deeper into the factory. Larson grabbed the bag next to him and followed the noises that kept changing. At one point, he saw unexplained shadows that felt alive. He ignored them and continued as Afton's Amalgamation literally crashed through a interior wall with the speed of a race car and strength of a battering ram. Larson was hurled through the other wall in the hallway he was in and hit something, now feeling nothing.

Now fully integrating Eleanor, the Amalgamation ignored the Stitchwraith, seemingly satisfied with the amount of trash it was made of. The Stitchwraith decided to follow the Amalgamation, while Larson was thinking he might have cracked a rib or two, maybe more. Or maybe it pierced his skin. Or something sharp cut him. He was barely aware of leaning against something jagged and hard. Now reminding himself just how he got into this situation, Larson held children whispering to him and saw the words "OPEN YOUR EYES" before him. He did so, and saw the Amalgamation standing over him, just too close. He realized that corpses of animals, such as a rat's skeleton or a bird's foot, were part of the Amalgamation. Larson tried to dodge Afton, but the sharp foot Afton was using as a hand impaled Larson, but the detective managed to jerk off him and escape. Jake tried to call out to Larson, but he didn't hear the child. Jake knew that the problem with Larson was that now, a piece of Afton's soul was inside the detective, not the fact that he was impaled. The Amalgamation tried to catch Larson, so the Stitchwraith followed him.

Afton's Amalgamation hounded like a demented hound from Hell. After Larson went where he wanted to go, the Amalgamation crushed through a wall to catch him. Larson managed to get to the forklift without Afton realizing, to his surprise. Larson grabbed his bag, and surprised by it moving, he opened it and has seen that the thing inside it was nothing else than the Puppet. The Puppet's mask, being cruddied and mudded, wailed something unintelligible. Larson realized what the Puppet was thinking: She said "Bring me to him". After hearing a crash, Larson grabbed the bag and hung it on the forklift's prongs. Larson put the forklift in gear and drove it into the wall, impaling Afton. Larson saw the bag open but now, he cared only about getting Afton to the lake. Afton didn't go down without a fight, planting his hand/jaw/joint-constructed feet and leaning it into the forklift. Suddenly, pieces of the forklift were slowly sucked into Afton, including the Puppet. Larson jumped out of the forklift and began crawling away. Now the forklift fully consumed, Larson called out Afton's name. The creature responded with "I am Agony", with the dock juddering. Every part and mouth of the Amalgamation started singing. Larson stoup and shouted "Enough!", with all the parts stopping the singing.

Larson and Afton prepared for what seemed to be their final battle. Meanwhile, Jake was watching this all and thinking what to do, Larson closed his eyes, and at the very same moment, Eleanor jumped out of the Amalgamation, seperating herself. Jake, thinking Eleanor was scary, went into the shadows to avoid another encounter. Eleanor started crawling into the vent. Larson opened his eyes and saw the Amalgamation looking at Eleanor, almost pleadingly. Eleanor entered the vent and disappeared. Afton was now in despair, as the Amalgamation started shrinking inward, seemingly becoming weak and frail. Afton's expression changed from defeat to puzzlement. He was looking at his body's right side, where the Puppet's mask seemingly looked satisfied and victorious. The Puppet seemingly took control as the Amalgamation started pulling itself apart, every arm grabbing something and pulling it out. It only took a minute, and the Amalgamation was a roiling lump of body parts and connective pieces. Blood started pouring from the Amalgamation's mouth as the creature changed from something horrifying to a pile of trash. As the last piece fell onto the pyramid of waste, William Afton screamed as the entirety of the trash fell back off the dock. After a minute, Larson looked at the lake and realised that the serial killer is no threat now. The parts sinked until all that remained was the Puppet's mask.

The Stitchwraith started walking towards the detective, and although Larson thought Jake is as bad as the now-deceased William, Jake sent energy from the battery pack that powers the body onto the endoskeleton's arm. It glowing red, the Stitchwraith touched Larson's belly. He tried to burn the infection away, even if Larson would be in pain. Jake successfully healed the detective, and Larson passed out. Jake knew he had to leave, as help was coming and it wouldn't see him as a good guy. Jake ran into the factory, trying to escape from the other side, but then realized something. Jake was close enough to Afton's soul to realize that it wasn't that strong, barely hanging into reality. Jake wondered how Afton was able to battle the detective if he was that weak, and as he escaped the factory, he realized the horrible truth.

William wasn't the only thing controlling his Amalgamation. And whatever the other entity was, it was worse.

Epilogue 10

Jake followed Renelle to her father's house, revealed to be Dr. Talbert. While in the house, Jake sees a vision of Eleanor, whom was the true identity of Renelle as well as the Other Evil whom helped William form his amalgamation.

Other Stories

In the Flesh and What We Found

Main article: Springtrap (Fazbear Frights)

Springtrap appears in both of those stories. However, the In the Flesh character is not William and it is never said if William became Springtrap in this universe or not. Additionally, while the What We Found Springtrap is real and has a corpse inside, the In the Flesh version is a video-game character with no corpse in it. Its possible the In The Flesh version was inspired by the real Williams crimes.

Coming Home

The story mentions that Susie was killed a year ago at Freddy's by a child murderer. However, while this is clearly a version of Afton, it can't be this Afton due to timeline reasons (Coming Home takes place in modern times while this Afton committed the murders in the 1980's).

The Scoop

In this story, William Afton is referenced as an in-universe videogame character, who, just like in the real world, is the main antagonist of the Five Nights at Freddy's series. Mandy draws parallels between William Afton and a mysterious and unnamed man in purple who, according to the news, was connected to the disappearence of a child called Stevie Robins.

You're the Band

It's mentioned that thirty years before the story happened child murders took place at Freddy's. While it's never directly said, it's fair to assume the killer is meant to be Afton or at least a version of him.


  • He's not the same person as the Springtrap from the In the Flesh or What We Found stories or the murderer from the Coming Home story.
  • Some fans thought the Man in Room 1280 was Michael Afton before it was confirmed to be William.
  • As the sixth epilogue showed that the police assumed Afton died in the fire, it's possible that the founder of Fazbear Entertainment connected to the fire mentioned in the fifth epilogue was indeed him. However, that's not confirmed.
  • There are a few differences between him and other versions of Afton:
    • The characters in this universe know that Afton was a serial killer. The Novel Trilogy's version of Afton was also agreed to be the killer but wasn't arrested due to the lack of bodies, while there's no proof that the game version of Afton was ever revealed to be a serial killer.
    • He's so far the only version of William who isn't the main antagonist of the work he originates from.
    • This is currently the weakest version of William that comes from an official media, barely clinging onto life and battling Larson only because another entity supported him.
      • However, the Novel Trilogy counterpart was also weak during the events of The Fourth Closet.


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