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Villain Overview
I always come back!
~ William Afton's most famous quote.
You may not recognize me at first, but I assure you, it's still me.
~ William Afton as Springtrap.
Bittersweet... but fitting.
~ William Afton as Springtrap, accepting who he is now.

William Afton (also known as the Purple Guy and the Killer) is the main antagonist of the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise.

He serves as the unseen overarching antagonist of the first Five Nights at Freddy's and Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location, a major antagonist in Five Nights at Freddy's 2, and a minor character in Five Nights at Freddy's 4.

He may have also served as a minor protagonist villain in Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator, the main protagonist villain of Ultimate Custom Night and the posthumous overarching antagonist of Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted (unless he is Glitchtrap).

He was the co-founder of Fazbear Entertainment and helped his business partner Henry Emily create the technology for the animatronics. He is known for murdering 11 or 12 children across the 1980's, not counting the indirect murders. He was also founder and owner of Afton Robotics, LLC, and creator of Circus Baby and the Funtime animatronics.

He later becomes Springtrap after dying in the same suit he used for his murders, as whom he serves as the main antagonist of Five Nights at Freddy's 3 and Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator (appearing as Scraptrap in the latter), a minor character in Five Nights at Freddy's 4 and Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location, a posthumous antagonist in Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted, and the posthumous secondary antagonist of Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery, being the hardest animatronic to beat. In FNaF AR: Special Delivery, he was given three skins named Toxic Springtrap, Flaming Springtrap, and Clown Springtrap respectively.

A virus called Glitchtrap, which is heavily linked to William, serves as the main antagonist of Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted and the possible overarching antagonist of Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery.

In the non-canon RPG spin-off FNAF World, Afton also appears in both his sprite and Springtrap forms as unlockable characters.

He's also the main antagonist of the novel trilogy continuity and is set to return in the questionably canon Fazbear Frights as Springtrap. It's also heavily speculated he'll have a counterpart in the upcoming film.

He was voiced by PJ Heywood, who also voiced his son, Michael Afton.


They didn't... recognize at first but then, they thought I was you.
~ Michael Afton to his father, confirming that the two look similiar.
Since William Afton's only ever seen in some of the flashback minigames, it is hard to pin down his exact appearance. In these minigames, he is represented with the size and height of an adult man about as tall as the animatronics (sometimes taller), with his sprite color ranging from various tones of purple depending on the minigame, although he was pink in two minigames and possibly orange in one. It is worth to note that he appears purple because he's simply hiding in the shadows, not because he's actually purple.
William Afton full look

A man who may or may not be Afton.

Sometimes Afton is depicted as wearing a yellow accessory on his chest, presumably a badge. It has been speculated that the reason for this is that he may have been a security guard at some point. The minigame "SAVE THEM" and some phone calls from Five Nights at Freddy's 2 heavily imply this.


A man who may be William.

The only confirmed aspect of his appearance is that he has a cleft chin, as shown with his decayed corpse inside of Springtrap in Five Night's at Freddy's 3 and 'Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator'. This has led to some speculation, as Fazbear Entertainment is represented by a man dressed in a purple (and in some cases, orange) suit and hat in various cutscenes of 'Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator', a man who also has a cleft chin. Whether or not this man actually is William has not been confirmed, but it is very likely due to them both supposedly having cleft chins, being represented by the color purple, and possibly orange.

In Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator, a yellow figure appears in the Midnight Motorist minigame. This figure is theorized to be William, who was recolored due to Michael's decayed Zombie sprite color being the same as his father and to avoid confusion.

As represented by the picture on the left, concept art for a Five Nights at Freddy's-themed dark ride could reveal Afton's look, with the man on the concept art having an evil smile, being a guard, and being represented by purple.

As Springtrap is partially the Spring Bonnie suit, it's withered and falling apart. The fur has gone from a golden yellow to a sickly olive. There are many holes and tears in the suit, exposing parts of the rusted metal endoskeleton as well as wires.

His mouth is fixed in a grin, with the teeth being chipped and yellowing. His eyes are a pale gray and usually fixed in a forward position. His ears are falling off and the left one is missing the top half altogether.

Rare boot-up screens for the game show what seems to be Afton's remains inside of Springtrap's suit. They consist of dark red chunks. Human innards can also be seen through the hole in the torso.

In Five Nights at Freddy's 4 during the minigames, Spring Bonnie, appears onstage, intact, next to Fredbear.

In Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator, Springtrap has been damaged even further from the fire. However, this has made him no less dangerous or resourceful. Much more of Springtrap's endoskeleton is now exposed with the remaining portions of his animatronic suit appearing similar to parts of Golden Freddy's withered design from Five Nights at Freddy's 2 (for example his upper head seems to be shaped like that of Golden Freddy). His ears appear to have deteriorated so much that only a stub with a couple of wires remain and also a part of his left arm is missing.


I-It's only now that I understand the depth of the depravity of this...creature, this monster that I unwillingly helped to create. As if what he had already done wasn't enough, he found a new way to desecrate, to humiliate, to destroy. As if the suffering wasn't enough, the loss of innocence, the loss of everything to so many people. Small souls trapped in prisons of my making now set to new purpose and used in ways I never thought imaginable. He lured them all back. Back to a familiar place. Back with familiar tricks. He brought them all together.
~ Henry calling out William in his secret recording.
William Afton's background is mostly told via silent actions within retro-graphics, or by reading between the lines throughout the games. Between his mini-game presence and piecing together information gleaned from most of the games, the community has been able to piece together some information about William.
Screenshot 2020-05-30 at 13.00.11

Afton smiles, knowing Foxy the Pirate is about to see the bodies of the 5 children he murdered.

He seems to be malevolent, sadistic, and cruel, ominously smiling as he kills children. He is also increasingly psychopathic and demented, as he is able to hide his true nature under a mask of politeness, judging from the intro of Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location, and also psychologically manipulates his son, Michael, by presumably using his guilt over unintentionally causing his younger brother's death in 1983 (if Michael is the older brother), in order to force Michael to obey his order.

Daddy, just once let me go play with her! She's so pretty and shiny! Didn't you make her just for me?
~ Elizabeth to her dad, William.
Despite his sadistic and dangerous tendencies, it is implied he at least didn't want his daughter Elizabeth to die as he warned her not to go near Baby and he did send Micheal to the studio to free her making his daughter the only person he ‘’may’’ have cared about, though Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator implies that he is responsible for influencing Elizabeth's bloodlust and sinister behavior, and may have even wanted her to continue his murderous legacy, and carry on his experiments for him. However, it's equally possible he wanted Elizabeth to die, and used reverse psychology to do it. William perfectly knew that the Funtimes are made to kill children, yet brought his daughter there, implying that the mentioned theory is true.
Hide if you want. It did not save the others. It will not save you.
~ Afton as Springtrap.
He is seen dismantling the animatronics at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza twice, hinting he might hate them. Afton also seems to be brave, seeing as he charges at Freddy, Bonnie, Chica and Foxy in the Five Nights at Freddy's 3 minigames without being scared, the same with the "SAVE THEM" minigame. The only moments when he is shown scared is when he sees the souls of the children he murdered and in the ending of Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator when being burned alive by Henry. It's implied that he is an abusive and neglectful parent, ignoring the fact that his younger son is bullied. If he is in fact the Orange Guy from Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator, then the theory is confirmed.

It seems that as Springtrap, Spring Bonnie's AI is still there, after 40 years of not being used. Springtrap following Balloon Boy's noise implies that the AI is still there, as the suit was meant to follow noise.

William Afton's motives for his actions and backstory remain unknown to this day. The most likely option is that he's just a sadistic monster who wanted to see people suffer, as no other option makes enough sense to work.


† means that the character is deceased/destroyed (in case of animatronics). †? means that the character's fate is currently unclear or unknown.



William Afton has various counterparts throughout the series:

  1. William Afton (FNAF Books) † - Alternate version of Afton in the novels, also cursed into Springtrap but later removed the suit and rejected the identity.
  2. Glitchtrap - Although not confirmed, Glitchtrap is heavily hinted to be in one way or another a version of William.
  3. Spring Bonnie (Fazbear Frights) † - An organic version of the suit William used to commit his murders.




She can dance, she can sing. She's equipped with a built-in helium tank for inflating balloons right at her fingertips. She can take song requests. She can even dispense ice cream.
~ William Afton talking about Baby in the opening of Sister Location.
You can't.
~ Afton after attacking Withered Freddy in SAVE THEM.
He is not dead. He is over here. Follow me.
~ William Afton luring Susie to her death.
Fascinating... What they have become.
~ Scraptrap after killing the player, most likely mentioning the Funtime animatronics.
What a deceptive calling. I knew it was a lie, the moment I heard it, obviously, but it is intriguing nonetheless...
~ Scraptrap being aware of Henry's plan.
How can I resist, a promise, such as this...
~ Scraptrap after killing the player, mentioning Henry calling him.
Bittersweet... but fitting.
~ Scraptrap after killing the player, most likely mentioning his fate in the Spring Bonnie suit.
~ What is most likely Scraptrap's last words as he burns to death, desperately begging to Mike to save him, as his voice slowly becomes quieter.
Suffer now, like all who stood before me!
~ Springtrap in Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery.
You. Will. Fear. ME.
~ Springtrap in Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery.
But I have an even better surprise for you, and you're not gonna believe this: We found one. A real one. Uh-oh-uh gotta go man- uh, well-well look, i-it's in there somewhere, I'm-I'm sure you'll see it.
~ Phone Dude about Springtrap.
It is not your flesh that sustains me... it is your fear!
~ Springtrap in Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery.


  • His actual motivation for murdering the kids is still a mystery, though many people assume he did for his own enjoyment or as part of an experiment to create life from the dead.
    • Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator implies the latter, as a blueprint reveals the Scooper's purpose; to transfer remnant, a substance that gives a soul its ability to remain after death, into the animatronics.
      • Ironically, the same game goes against it, showing that even after gaining the closest he'll ever have to immortality, he still wants to kill children.
    • A YouTuber called Dawko theorized that he was upset at his other son's death, causing him to seek revenge, he also theorized William is trying to protect his kids.
      • However, William is confirmed to be neglect and possibly abuse his kids, so that theory is false.
    • In the novel series, Afton is confirmed to be stealing life essence from victims and animatronics, experimenting on it to attempt to find the secret to immortality.
  • In the final Custom Night cutscene of Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location, Michael's voice becomes robotic near the end of his dialogue. The franchise's creator, Scott Cawthon, eventually confirmed that Michael's robotic voice was an error, and was unintentional. This error caused debate over whether William or Michael was killed inside Springtrap, until Scott's response to MatPat's final Five Nights at Freddy's theory video, as well as the credits of Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator, confirmed William as the spirit possessing Springtrap.
  • In the 1.031 update of Five Nights at Freddy's 3, Scott added the sound of William's groaning.
  • Afton's true identity was widely speculated to be the Phone Guy until Scott debunked it.
  • He seems to have a British accent, with his son and daughter having one as well.
  • It is speculated that the TV show, The Immortal and the Restless, that Michael watches between the nights of Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location, where Vlad denies being the father of the baby, is a parallel between the relationship between William and Michael. It is speculated, since Vlad shares similarities with William, while the baby looks similar to his father like Michael does with his father.
  • He is implied to be the main protagonist of Five Nights at Freddy's: Ultimate Custom Night. However, some lines hint that we play as Michael Afton.
  • William could have been inspired by:
    • Aaron Fechter, a engineering entrepreneur who created the Showbiz Pizza Place's animatronics. Scott Cawthon actually met Fechter in person.
    • Nathan Dunlap who after being fired from Chuck E. Cheese, he shot four of the five employees killing them, and injuring the fifth in the 1993 Aurora, Colorado, shooting.
    • The creepypasta which tells the story of a mascot of Chuck E. Cheese, who had severe mental problems, and begun thinking that he was the real Chuck E. Cheese. However, he begun killing children and using their meat for pizza.
  • It is theorized that Toy Chica in her cutscenes in Five Nights at Freddy's: Ultimate Custom Night represents William due to Toy Chica choosing one of her classmates to be her boyfriend, but ends up killing them, while William seems to also choose a child and then kills for his experiments.
    • In the last cutscene, Chica is seen under a tree atop a hill, with her bag full of the remains of her victims. The tree seems identical to the tree in the Lorekepper Ending of Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator, which is near the graves theorized to be those of the original kids killed by Afton.
  • In Five Nights at Freddy's: Ultimate Custom Night, when talking to Old Man Consequences, the background sounds when modified seems to be a voice, either declaring his hatred towards Mike and Henry, or asking them for help. It is speculated that this voice belongs to William.
  • It has been heavily speculated that Glitchtrap is the digital manifestation of William Afton due to his mannerisms and how he tries to lure the player. However, it is unclear whether Glitchtrap is truly William, or a digital copy modeled after him.
    • There is a possibility that the remains of the Springtrap animatronic were scanned into the game when it was being made, due to how Afton physically and spiritually bonded with the suit he was trapped in, and freed Afton from his torment when being uploaded into the game.
    • There's another theory which states that Glitchtrap is a piece of William's soul, being the manifestation of William's evil.
  • Freddy in Space 2 is the only game so far that has absolutely nothing to do with William.
  • The fans have often theorized that there are two killers, due to the fact that William had two different sprites in Five Nights at Freddy's 2. This was later disproved.
  • In March 2020, various memes of William Afton spawned around referencing the Living Tombstone Five Nights at Freddy's 2 song: "It's Been So Long" where William Afton was referred to as "The Man Behind the Slaughter". Memes of this will be portrayed referencing the character in one way or another, often by including the line or a parody of the line in the caption, with the character on-screen being purple.
  • As of version 1.031, Springtrap now makes footsteps and moaning noises when he moves.
    • Some people have assumed that the moaning noise is Afton inside of Springtrap trying to talk.
  • Springtrap is named after the trap device of the same name which is used for catching animals during hunting and how he is a Springlock suit. This is how he "trapped" Afton inside.
  • Occasionally, when the game starts up, one of three images of Springtrap revealing William Afton's mummified corpse inside of him may appear, similarly to the eyeless Bonnie screen from the first game and the eyeless screens from the second game.
  • Springtrap is the first, and so far only confirmed case of an adult possessing an animatronic in the series instead of a child.
  • It is theorized that the Puppet was responsible for Afton possessing the animatronic, similar to it did to the other victims of Afton, in order for William to know what it feels to an animatronic.
  • Before having his name confirmed, the most common name for this animatronic coined by fans was 'Golden Bonnie' as fans believed that Springtrap was somehow connected to the similar-looking animatronic Golden Freddy, while also retaining a resemblance to Bonnie.
    • Two more common fan-given names were Hybrid and Salvage, for fans believed that Springtrap was made from the parts of dismantled animatronics.
    • Coincidentally, Springtrap is a hybrid, just not the way fans theorized.
    • Another coincidental detail is that Springtrap is implied to have been "salvaged" after the restaurant was shut down.
  • Unlike the others Animatronics, Springtrap has five fingers due to being a wearable suit.
  • In the promotional photo for Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location, Circus Baby appears to be smiling at someone off-screen, and the figure reflected in her nose looks suspiciously like Springtrap this led fans to believe he would return in Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location, while he was not the main antagonist, he did appear in an ending cutscene after the Custom Nights, revealing himself to still be alive after Fazbear's Fright burned down and foreshadowing his return as the main antagonist in Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator.
  • There is no given explanation on why Springtrap had his appearance changed in Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator, since he would most likely not have changed the animatronic suit.
  • It was revealed by his and his son's voice actor, PJ Heywood, that Cassette Man is actually Henry.
  • In Five Nights at Freddy's: Ultimate Custom Night, if Springtrap causes a game over, his moaning from Five Nights at Freddy's 3 will play, while if Scraptrap causes a game over, his "I always come back!" line from Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator will play.
  • Strangely, some of the voice lines that Springtrap says in Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery, are reminiscent of the voice lines said by some animatronics in Five Nights at Freddy's: Ultimate Custom Night.
  • Many fans did not like Scraptrap's design when they first saw him. Beacuse of this, many called him "Craptrap".
    • Coincidentally, in the community, many fans created a meme revolving around the hate towards Scraptrap known as "#JusticeforScraptrap".
  • Many fans believe that in Five Nights at Freddy's: Ultimate Custom Night we can hear Scraptrap's last words as he burns to death. Although it is likely he is begging Michael for help, some fans believe he is screaming that he hates Michael and Henry.
    • If the latter is true, then he screams this:
  • The name Scraptrap has never appeared in the games and was simply a name used by fans to distinguish between the earlier iteration of Springtrap and this one. However, similar to names like Phone Guy and Golden Freddy, the name has since come into use in other official sources such as Five Nights at Freddy's: The Freddy Files and by Scott Cawthon himself.
  • Springtrap and Funtime Freddy are the only possesed animatronics in the franchise that aren't tragic, seeing as Springtrap is a child murderer who shows no remorse and Funtime Freddy always enjoyed doing what he was made to do.
  • It was proven here that Springtrap is one of the most used names in Bunny Call, confirming his return.
  • In Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location, Springtrap has a slightly different model, missing some parts. This version of Springtrap is called Dark Springtrap.
    • Fans started joking that Dark Springtrap is Springtrap when he's "extremely angry".
  • Some fans theorize that Springtrap survived the fire in Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator. It is mostly because in the ending screen, the fire is behind Springtrap. Meanwhile, with Scrap Baby and Molten Freddy, the fire is in front of them. This may imply that Springtrap escaped.
    • If the theory is true, then it's confirmed that Glitchtrap is William.

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