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NOTE: This article is about the incarnation of William Birkin from the film Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City. The mainstream version can be found here: William Birkin.
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This is my life's work. I'm not giving it to anybody.
~ Birkin to Albert Wesker.
Chris! Come out and play! Did you really believe you could be part of my family? Ooh, such a sweet little soldier! Such a loyal little droid. Where are you, Chris? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! How could you be so dumb?! When your sister is so smart! You know, I almost feel sad having to kill you. Almost! You know, I should've taken you and your sister down to the lab. You would have made an excellent specimen!
~ Birkin to Chris while researching for him.

Dr. William Birkin is the main antagonist of the 2021 film, Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City, the reboot of the video and film franchise.

He was a cold-blooded scientist who worked for the Umbrella Corporation and lived in Raccoon City with his wife and daughter, wherein Birkin was responsible for various experiments on the orphans from the Raccoon City Orphanage - including Lisa Trevor and Alexia and Alfred Ashford altogether. He was also the creator of the G-virus.

The character was portrayed by Neal McDonough, who also played Jay Hamilton in Walking Tall, Jon Forster in 88 Minutes, Jack Horton in Red 2, Damien Darhk in Arrow, Vincent Sofel in Paul Blart Mall Cop 2, M. Bison in Street Fighter: Legend of Chun-Li, voiced Deadshot in Batman: Assault on Arkham, Damian Wayne in the Injustice video game series, and Walter Beck in Yellowstone.


William works as an employee for the Umbrella Corporation and oversees the orphanage and uses the orphans for his own experiments. One night, Claire wakes up and sees another child, who was wearing a mask to hide her disfigurement, was wandering the halls. When Claire finds her, the two become friends. Dr. Birkin found Claire and asked her why she's awake. Chris lies to him saying she sleeps walks sometimes after their parents died. After praising Chris for being a good brother to Claire, he took interest in the siblings.

At some point, Claire is awoken by the orphanage's chief nurse, William, and two orderlies, who notify her that she has been adopted by a new family who are waiting outside to see her. She's instructed not to worry about her possessions or Chris because they'll be arriving later. But he takes Claire to his laboratory where he tries to perform inhuman experiments on her, only for her to run away and escape from the orphanage.

On September 30, 1998, Sherry wakes up screaming from a nightmare, and her mother, Annette, and William, both rush into the room to comfort their daughter, who tells them she had a nightmare about being attacked by a monster. When the house phone rings, William decides to pick it up and has Annette putting Sherry back into bed. Unfortunately, the contents of the phone call stunned him, and as the line goes silent, he warns Annette and Sherry that they must all leave immediately.

While William drives his family to the lab to save his life's work, he nearly hits a civilian, who then revealed to be Claire riding brother's motocylce. William recognizes her and shocked to see her back in Raccoon City. He immediately speeds away to retrieving his work and leave town.

At the lab, William rushes to gather as much of his work as he can, including a briefcase containing multiple G-Virus vials, while his family is terrified by the sight of a zombie girl openly vivisected and stretched out on an operating table, alongside several other experiments. Wesker arrives and explains to William that he is only there to retrieve the G-virus samples. William pretends to surrender the case and grabs his gun and shoots Wesker. He is then shot multiple times in the chest by Wesker and Annette and Sherry rushes to William as he collapses to the floor. William tells Annette to grab the samples while Sherry hides. Wesker tells her not to do anything stupid, but grabs the gun and tries to shot him, only for her to be killed by Wesker in the process. Wesker is shocked about killing Annette and realizes that Sherry disappeared. He notices William is still alive and approaches William, yelling that it didn't have to be this way, but he merely laughs mockingly in response, dropping a syringe, and Wesker discovers that he has just injected himself with a vial of the G-virus. Wesker then shoots him several more times.

Later, as Leon and Claire made their way to Umbrella's underground lab and maintenance tunnels, William begins to mutate. Chris, Jill and Sherry go through the compound, they found a doorway to pass through a collapsed shelf. As Jill and Sherry manage to squeeze through, Chris is unable to and stands behind as he hears a mutated William roaring. While Chris tries to a place to hide, William appears and begins to mock the former. Chris is grabbed and thrown around by William. As he about to kill him, Claire shoots several rounds to William and shot in the head by Chris. Claire is reunited with her brother and meets with Leon, Jill, and Sherry before boarding on the train to leave the city. While the city and the Spencer Mansion implodes to topple-in and sink into the earth below, it caves-in the subway and stops the train, allowing a now mutated William peels through the roof of the train and attack the survivors. He grabs Claire as Chris tries to stop by shooting at him with no avail. Claire get free and stabs William in the face while Chris shoots William's multiple eyeballs to stun the creature. William turns his attention to Chris and attempts to attack him, but he is soon then killed by Leon when he used a rocket launcher to blow him to smitherees. Following his death, the city was destroyed along with Burkin’s work, thus ending his dreadful legacy for good.



  • Birkin is based on the video game character of the same name that also went through the same events and transformation as the film.


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