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If people don't trust you, how can you trust them?
~ William Carver to Clementine.
Killing one in order to save many is part of survival. It's one of the tough decisions that a weaker person couldn't make. It's why it falls to people like us to lead them to safety. Do you understand? Well, I wish it was different, I do. But they are weak... and we are strong. That's why it's our responsibility to shepherd the flock... to keep them safe. It's their nature to follow... not to lead.
~ William Carver to Clementine.

William Carver, more commonly known as simply Carver or Bill, is the main antagonist of the first half of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: Season Two.

He is described as the intelligent and ruthless leader of a community of survivors and is greatly feared by the cabin survivors, all of whom were once a part of his group before leaving to escape him.

He was voiced by Michael Madsen, who also played Victor Vega in Reservoir Dogs, Budd in Kill Bill, Grouch Douglas in The Hateful Eight, and Maugrim in The Chronicles of Narnia: the Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.



With a very obscure backstory, Carver built up a large community during the zombie apocalypse at an abandoned Howe's Hardware, having dozens of people under his command. One of these people was Rebecca, a person whom he apparently had an affair with and got her pregnant. Rebecca later escaped Carver's camp with a small group of other escapees because of Carver´s brutality and he began searching for them.

A House Divided

Carver first appears as a man under the name George, who broke into the cabin the escaped group of survivors resided as. As the only people there were Clementine, a recent joiner, and Sarah (unbeknownst to Carver), he quickly left after inspecting the house.

When the group returns, Clementine reports "George's" visit and they quickly move out. After moving into another house with Kenny, Clementine's old friend, Sarita, and Walter, Carver and his group quickly tracks them down. Ultimately, all members are captured (except Luke, who went missing) and Walter is coldly gunned down by Carver before they are all escorted out back to Howe's Hardware.

In Harm's Way

When they return, Carver locks the group up with the other prisoners and forces them to work to try and earn their way back into his community. He kills a member he sees as weak and brutally beats Kenny after discovering their escape attempt. When Bonnie opens the gate to set them free, Carver holds them all at gunpoint saying he would rather shoot Rebecca then let them leave again.

Clementine drops down on Carver allowing Kenny and Luke to disarm him while the group debates what to do with him. Kenny shoots him in the legs and grabs a crowbar in preparation to beat him to death. Everyone except Rebecca and possibly Clementine leave so they don't have to watch. Kenny bashes his face in, killing him and completely obliterating his face. After he is dead Rebecca take his gun of him and they all leave to join the others.

Thicker than Water

Carver deserved what was coming to him of course, but that's just... brutal.
~ Jane's opinion on how Kenny brutally beat Carver to death.
Carver can be mentioned by Kenny, that what he did to him was for Clementine. Or if Jane were saved by Clem in episode 5, Carver's corpse can be seen in a pile a bodies.


That's funny coming from you. How's that eye? Just follow my voice. It'll get you there. You got a thick f-cking skull Kenneth. Should've put you out of your misery right then, now look at you. You're a mess. The f-ck are you looking at bitch? Don't act like you didn't love every second of it.
~ Carver showing his psychopathy by taunting Kenny into beating him to death with his crowbar; his last words.

It has been hinted by characters like Bonnie and Jane before the events of the second season that Carver was once a kind, caring, lenient, empathetic, and charming leader, but due to unknown reasons Carver lost his sanity and became the psychopathic madman he is in season two. Carver was shown to be very intelligent, knowledgeable, acquainted, cognizant, mindful, and aware of his surroundings by easly figuring out that Clementine was allied with the cabin group that he was hunting down. 

Carver has a sadistic sense of humor and shows little to no remorse for the people he killed or hurt since he viewed them as "weak" or traitors that needed to be punished for their crimes against his community. At the same time, Carver and his subordinates are completely delusional and pretentious of the fact that they are evil people, they kill innocent people that are deemed weak or a threat by Carver, imprison those they try to leave or don't follow Carver's rules, and abuse and attack people when they make a mistake or talk out of term. Carver even struck Clementine across the face and forced Carlos to hit his own daughter. As well as that, Carver slowly becomes more and more arrogant and aggressive, culminating in him in tauntingly goading Kenny into beating him to death with the crowbar.

Carver had a deep love and obsession for his unborn child (Alvin Jr.) even though the child might not be his. Carver wanted his child to be raised to be strong and ruthless just like himself, so once Carver dies his child can take over his community, knowing it would be in good hands.  

List Of Killed Victims

  • Peter Joseph Randall (Out of Mercy; Determined; Assumed)
  • Walter
  • Alvin (Determined)
  • Reggie


  • Carlos 
  • Sarita 
  • Nick (Determined)
  • Sarah (Determined)
  • Numerous unnamed walkers and people



  • William Carver is similar to Crawford Oberson. They both rule over their communities with an iron fist and are both drunk on power and status.


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